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CoachMePlus Extends Contract with the United States Air Force, Providing State-of-the-Art Remote Fitness Technology

CoachMePlus and TIAG Team Continue Efforts with the USAF National Guard, Extending Their Proprietary Remote Fitness Services with High Profile Fitness Clientele

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CoachMePlus, the only enterprise-level and flexible digital fitness platform that helps coaches work with athletes to achieve their fitness goals, announced today the expansion of their Remote Fitness program with the United States Air Force (USAF). CoachMePlus provides a unique cross-channel approach with its remote fitness platform, enabling servicemen and women to train wherever and whenever they please.

Multiple wings in the Ohio USAF National Guard have selected CoachMePlus and its partner, The Informatics Applications Group (TIAG®), to expand the military's use of the innovative Warrior Performance Platform (WP2™). Specifically, the 179th and 180th Air National Guard will implement different aspects of the software platform.

The Air Force will target different populations as an ongoing plan to promote a 'culture of fitness' and improve the availability and readiness of active duty and reserve Airmen. The expansion comes on the heels of previous Small Business Innovation Research SBIR pilot programs, in which the Air Force utilized the WP2™ to monitor health, wellness, ability, and performance.

"The military is facing a costly problem across two different fronts, as obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles in the United States, are both shrinking the availability of potential recruits across all forces. Once recruits join the military, the availability and readiness of our fighting forces are at risk due to rising rates of injuries and poor performance on fitness standard testing," said Kevin Dawidowicz, Co-Founder and President of CoachMePlus.

"We've worked with all the major professional sports leagues in the USA, and nothing has impressed me more than the military's commitment to improving their collective fitness and readiness, and drive to change from a 'culture of fitness testing' to a 'culture of fitness,'" continued Dawidowicz. "We were encouraged by the results of our initial pilot, where USAF National Guard members who engaged with the WP2™ platform either maintained or improved their fitness standard scores during the COVID pandemic."

CoachMePlus is the perfect platform to improve the accessibility of a fitness trainer relationship and tailored fitness opportunities. The service connects fitness trainers with their athletes, tracking and displaying personalized goals and expertise remotely or in gyms, creating competition and positive reinforcement.

"Before working with CoachMePlus, it was a challenge to prevent injuries during training and ensure the overall readiness of our Airmen," said Captain Bobby Carbonell, Operations Officer, ARCWERX Air National Guard Innovation. "With the WP2™ platform and overall guidance of the CoachMePlus team on how we managed distributed training, we've turned these fitness challenges into an opportunity to optimize the performance of our Airmen, whether it's reducing training injuries or improving their overall physical fitness, health, and test scores."

The USAF National Guard has seen success from the program and looks to work with other branches to combine efforts and join the cutting-edge fitness program.

CoachMePlus delivers a fully customizable program that puts an individual's needs first, which is the most proven way to achieve positive fitness outcomes. The platform is transferable from gyms and personal training to professional sports teams and military branches across the USA.

To learn more about CoachMePlus and the Warrior Performance Platform – WP2™, please visit: https://coachmeplus.com and https://coachmeplus.com/wp2.

About CoachMePlus
CoachMePlus is fueling the "Omnichannel Fitness" market, leveraging workout-tracking, wellness monitoring, wearable technologies integrations, and a full suite of testing and reporting tools to monitor key indicators of health, ability, and performance. The platform advances proactive performance management from training through deployment. The CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution that underpins remote and in-person fitness fuses data analytics, telemedicine, and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of insights from working with US military communities and every professional sports league in America.

About CoachMePlus and the Warrior Performance Platform (WP2™)
Leveraging workout-tracking, wellness monitoring, wearable technologies integrations, and a full suite of testing and reporting tools, WP2™ monitors key indicators of a warrior's health, ability, performance, and readiness.  Advancing proactive performance management from training through deployment, WP2™ integrates the CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution used by major teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, MLS, CFL, and military. WP2™ also fuses demonstrated expertise in data analytics, telemedicine, and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of lessons learned within military communities and professional sports arenas.

The foundations for what would become ARCWERX were laid in 2018 when Gen Goldfein launched the first Squadron Innovation Funds program designed to unleash the creativity of airmen across the Air Force. A small team was assembled at the Air National Guard Readiness Center on Joint Base Andrews to design the initial concept and begin planning for expansion beyond the headquarters. In 2019 ARCWERX was launched in Tucson, AZ to build on the foundation laid down by the original team and leverage the enormous strengths of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Test Center.

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and AFWERX have partnered to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants, and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginning in SBIR 18.2, the Air Force has begun offering 'Special' SBIR topics that are faster, leaner, and open to a broader range of innovations.

About TIAG®
Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area with regional offices in Seattle, Wash., and Huntsville, Ala., TIAG® is an innovative technology company providing strategic, transformational solutions to private industry and across the Department of Defense. ISO 9001:2015 certified and appraised at Maturity Level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) for Services, TIAG takes pride in its people, processes, and successes in advancing customer missions. Our extensive services portfolio delivers focused expertise and support ranging from complex, enterprise-wide solutions to stand-alone custom projects.

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