CHICAGO, Feb. 3, 2015 

AirTronic USA Announces New Teaming Agreement with Chemring Ordnance, Inc. for a Joint RPG-7 Solution

AirTronic USA is pleased to announce a new teaming agreement with Chemring Ordnance Inc. (COR) of Perry, Florida, to develop an array of U.S. manufactured RPG-7 rockets.  Research, development and testing will commence immediately, and will be coordinated by engineers and project managers from both companies.  The goal is to expedite development by capitalizing on the expertise of both organizations in preparation for production to begin in Q1 2016.  "We are very excited about this teaming arrangement with Chemring Ordnance.

Their experience, resources and expertise in the 40mm munitions space is unequaled and complements AirTronic's own capabilities.  This agreement forms the industry's best team and brings a shoulder-fired recoilless rifle system (launcher and rockets) to the market that we believe will be superior to anything available globally," commented Richard Vandiver, Chief Operating Officer, AirTronic USA.  Mike Quesenberry, President of COR, stated that, "We are excited to partner with AirTronic USA to establish a capability for RPG-7 ammunition, and provide the U.S. customer with a complete RPG solution."

Supporting this complete RPG solution, the Department of the Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, issued AirTronic USA a Safety Release on 4 December 2014 for its U.S. manufactured 40mm Shoulder Fired Anti-Tank Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher (USA RPG-7).  This permits the AirTronic RPG-7 USA launcher to be shoulder-fired at the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) Spiral J event in January through March 2015 to be conducted by the U.S. Army Maneuver Battle Lab (MBL) at Fort Benning, GA.  Independent pressure, reliability and drop testing of this RPG-7 system was conducted by Battelle Labs in August through November 2014. "The issuance of this Safety Release by the U.S. Army is a major milestone for AirTronic USAin demonstrating the safety, reliability and effectiveness of its U.S. manufactured RPG-7.  While not an official endorsement by the Army, we believe that this Safety Release, the testing for which certainly put our system through its paces, will satisfy the market need for our weapon's system to exceed the rigors expected on the battlefield," commented Richard Vandiver.  

About AirTronic USA
AirTronic USA is a privately owned leading US based electro-mechanical engineering design and manufacturing company that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of high-grade, weapons systems renowned for their reliability and dependability.  AirTronic offers multiple global defense products to serve both government and commercial clients, and specializes in the cutting-edge design required to meet emerging customer and market demands. The Company's mission is to extend its engineering and manufacturing leadership in advanced technologies to deliver unrivaled systems in support of its customers.  Headquartered inElk Grove Village, Illinois, AirTronic USA, through its foreign distribution channels, operates in North America,Europe and the Middle East/North Africa.

About Chemring Ordnance
Chemring Ordnance, Inc. (COR), part of the Chemring Group Plc., is a center of excellence for the design, development and production of ordnance, pyrotechnic, and counter-IED products for military, homeland security, and first responders.  COR manufactures all types of 40mm low and high velocity ammunition, pyrotechnic marking, signalling, and tactical illumination devices, battlefield effects simulators, hand grenade fuzes, and the Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS).  COR also provides load, assemble, and pack (LAP) services.


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