HEBRON, Ohio, March 28, 2016

ArmorSource Has Started to Provide Rifle Resistance Helmets to the German Police

ArmorSource LLC received in the end of 2015 an initial order for approximately 1,600 Rifle-resistance helmets, a product that provides extremely high protection, from the State Police of Saxonia, Germany. The helmet, model 'AS-600', designed to stop M-80 (7.62X51) bullet and fragments at velocity of 1000 m/s. Though it provides much more protection, the weight of the 'AS-600' completely loaded is only 3.2 lbs. (1.45 Kg.) for Large size, and 3 lbs. (1.35 Kg) for Medium size, same as the weight of a standard ACH Military helmet. Some of the helmets will come in a SWAT Team configuration that includes special retention and suspension systems, side Boltless (no screws) Picatiny rails, operational Velcro on top and NVG Shroud.

ArmorSource received recently another order to supply a Federal Elite Unit in Germany with its Ultra-lightweight Advanced Helmet, known as model 'AS-501'. Designed for Special Operations, the approx. 1 Kg. Ultra-lightweight ballistic Helmet, Model AS-501, provides a boltless shell together with robust ballistic performance that exceeds the U.S. ACH ballistic performance with a weight discount of more than 35% for the same coverage area and configuration.

The ArmorSource helmets are certified by both, a U.S. National Institution of Justice recognized lab, and by the authorized Laboratory of Mellrichstadt, Germany. ArmorSource is represented in Central Europe by CSC European Defense Business Management GmbH, an Agency operated from Mömbris, Germany.

Besides in Germany, ArmorSource sold during the last years over than 20,000 of its Advanced and Ultra-lightweight Ballistic Helmets to different forces in other EU countries, among them Italy, Spain, Netherlands andSwitzerland.

ArmorSource is the first and only approved vendor of the new Lightweight Advanced Combat Helmets (LW-ACH) of the U.S. Army. ArmorSource has an order for the delivery of 105,000 LW-ACH helmets to the U.S. Army throughout 2016 with a potential increase to 375,000.

ArmorSource LLC, a leading manufacturer of ballistic helmets and head protection systems located in Hebron, Ohio USA, is an internationally recognized developer and manufacturer of bulletproof, fragmentation and protective helmets and accessories. This year ArmorSource has produced its 500,000th helmet since its establishment in 2005.

For more information:
U.S. Office phone: 740-928-0070 

CSC EU Office:
Mömbris, GERMANY
Tel: +49 (0) 6029 9780326

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