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For over 20 years, Boldon James has helped organisations with the most demanding communication requirements manage sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards. Our solutions extend the capabilities of Microsoft core infrastructure products to allow secure information exchange.  Boldon James is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ, with offices in the UK, US, Australia & Europe and channel partners worldwide.

Defence Experience

Our defence experience has given us a deep understanding of military requirements and operations and an enviable track record of successfully delivering mission-critical solutions, with more than 1.5 million seats already deployed, both via System Integrators such as HP, BAe, Cassidian and Lockheed Martin and to defence departments in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Germany, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  Boldon James offers a combination of world-class expertise, local knowledge, experience and capability which is un-matched in the market.

Microsoft Partner for 'Messaging in Defence and Public Safety'

Boldon James has been partnering with Microsoft for 16 years and was elevated to the exclusive position of Microsoft Global Go-To-Market Partner for 'Messaging in Defence and Public Safety'. This highest level of Partner status, combined with our long standing relationships, provides Boldon James a unique level of access to new Microsoft products, development support and commercial support which is not available to other independent software vendors in the messaging sector.

Products and Solutions

Our Products and Solutions enable Defence and Intelligence organisations to utilise Commercial Off-The-Shelf products such as Microsoft Outlook, minimising the need for user training and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. Our SAFEmail plug-ins turn standard email into everything from a simple e-mail with a protective mark (e.g Secret) to a fully-functional STANAG 4406 messaging system. Operational and organisational issues such as Role-Based Messaging, Low Bandwidth and integration with existing technologies like X400 and interoperability with other organisations are similarly dealt with by adding in our components. Our suite of products has been extended to deal Boldon James is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ, with offices in the UK, US, Australia and Europe, and channel partners worldwide.

with all Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, SharePoint etc.) and we also provide similar capability for Chat-based solutions, both on Microsoft Lync and our  ‘J Chat’- compatible solution, SafeChat, on the XMPP protocol.

Boldon James
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