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Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance is a world leader in securing, sharing and communicating situational awareness in challenging environments, from urban surroundings to the digital battlefield. It provides specialist communications, security and surveillance products together with integrated systems and solutions to 18 armed forces and more than 140 agencies globally.

Cobham’s award-winning technologies include Audio, Video and IP Transmission, Tagging, Tracking and Locating, Tactical Communications and Integrated Surveillance Systems as well as 24/7 Client Services.

Communication systems for military vehicles

Cobham and its partners are working with customers to deliver capability enhancements and increase the tactical awareness of our forces.

Today’s modern armed forces depend upon having access to the most advanced equipment, particularly in the field of communications. Vehicle Intercom Systems (VIS) are pivotal to providing these communications and has become essential for supporting our friendly forces and for minimising battlefield casualties.

Cobham understand the nature and requirements of these troops and end-users more than anyone. With a global installed base of 125,000 systems across six continents they truly are the specialists in the VIS field. Designed to the highest of military standards, Cobham’s ROVIS (AN/VIC-3) and LV2 enable vehicle mounted troops to communicate faster, safer and more securely, even in demanding conditions.

The systems are designed to meet the requirements of a range of vehicles. Currently ROVIS is the standard fit to all US Army medium and heavy armoured vehicles and LV2 is fitted to US Army HMMWVs, light vehicles and Soviet-designed vehicles (T72 and BMP). With simple installation and setup procedures, both systems offer crew members full control of all aspects of their communications environment.

Digital vehicle intercom systems

Cobham became the first designer to move to a digital system and the new software-defined VIS, known as the TacG2 (AN/VIC-5), which provides significantly increased capability and functionality with data as standard.

Critically important was the retention of the user-friendly, uncomplicated operation procedure and demonstrated reliability that made ROVIS/LV2 so popular. Equally important was the retention of a battle resilient design, so unlike many other IP based systems, TacG2 has been designed specifically to meet the same stringent battle-damage resilience criteria as the ROVIS/LV2 systems.

At the same time, Cobham has also ensured backward compatibility of TacG2, allowing ROVIS/LV2 users to protect their original investment with the ability to upgrade to TacG2 through module insertion.

Noise reduction technology

An armoured vehicle in motion can subject crew members and passengers to average noise levels ranging from 95dBA SPL to more than 115dBA SPL, creating the potential for permanent hearing loss. Speech signals are also masked by the noise, making it difficult for crew members to understand commands leading to resends, indecision, mistakes and fatigue.

Cobham's intercom systems operate with headsets that incorporate passive noise reduction (PNR) and active noise reduction (ANR) technologies. ANR reduces vehicle noise well below the 85dBA safety threshold, making it possible for the crew to operate safely and effectively for extended periods.

Cost-effective military command and control products

No other systems can provide users the flexibility of configuration and expandability to meet their communication requirements for modern, flexible command and control, whilst maintaining cost-effective installations to meet user requirements.

Each system provides the most reliable, military grade VIS available, ensuring three key functions to its users:

  • Fast, safe, secure and reliable communications
  • Scalable and expandable solutions for wider integrated tactical pictures
  • Potential for Video and Data capabilities built upon existing Audio communications

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