Colibrys is a world-leading supplier of standard and customized MEMS-based motion sensors for high-precision and high-reliability aerospace applications. Its primary activity is the design, development and production of a range of proprietary high-performances MEMS accelerometers for inertial, tilt, vibration and seismic measurements.

Accelerometers for aerospace applications

The measurement of a motion through acceleration, tilt or vibration measurement is extremely important and widely used in aerospace-related applications. Examples of applications that require accelerometers include:

  • Attitude heading reference systems (AHRS)
  • Strap down inertial measurement units (SIMU)
  • Aircraft navigation systems
  • Flight control
  • In-flight structural testing including flutter testing
  • Aerospace testing
  • Health usage monitoring system (HUMS)
  • Stabilization
  • Ground vibration testing (GVT) – wind tunnel testing
  • Modal testing
  • Landing gear response
  • Active vibration damping
  • Homeland security

Accelerometer products and services

Colibrys is clearly committed to the aerospace market and offers accelerometer products and services well beyond automotive specifications. Every sensor from Colibrys is design for high-end specifications.

Colibrys typically produces several hundred-thousand accelerometers per year, differentiating themselves through their technical specifications: high stability, low noise, low power, low weight and size as well as high reliability for safety-critical applications. The commitment of the company to critical aerospace requirements such as MIL-standards qualifications, insurance of fixed design and long term guarantee of supply.

As a military / aerospace supplier, Colibrys is very sensitive to export regulation and insuring worldwide delivery of ITAR-free products.

Inertial sensing products

The long-term stability, low vibration rectification error and reliability of our MEMS capacitive accelerometers are continuously improved to meet the increasing needs of inertial measurement unit (IMU) and attitude-heading and reference system (AHRS) products. The new MS9000 and the MS8000 products families are the best candidates for inertial sensing.

The products dedicated to inertia sensing in civilian aerospace are the ±2g, the ±10g and the ±30g but larger g range are also available up to 200g. All our products are extensively qualified and available for temperature ranges between -55°C and +125°C.

Low G inertial sensors, due to their high resolution, high temperature stability and low power consumption, are extremely good products for tilt sensing.

Accelerometers for AHRS

An attitude heading reference system (AHRS) is a particular inertial navigation system, combined of three-axis sensors (self-contained accelerometers and gyros) that provide heading, attitude and yaw information for aircraft or any subject moving in free space or under water. In general, the role of accelerometers in an AHRS application is to provide with initial attitude reference (leveling) and attitude corrections during the flight by correcting the gyro drift.

The main accelerometer parameters essential to optimum AHRS performance are bias stability, scale factor stability, axis misalignment and its stability and, second order linearity effects or VRE (vibration rectification error). Colibrys offers MS8010.D and MS9010.D as ideal products for AHRS and is continuously working on new improved versions, providing further capabilities.

Vibration sensing products

Variable capacitance sensors can advantageously replace traditional piezo-resistive products in some specific Aerospace applications. For a given acceleration range and bandwidth, the capacitive sensor offers a lower noise floor and a much better stability over time and over temperature. New VS9000 products from Colibrys are the best adapted products for vibration sensing in aerospace, which requires small size and weight, wide bandwidth and extended G range over a large temperature range, combined with high stability and high reliability required by the safety critical aspect of the applications.

Aerospace standard and semi-custom motion sensors

Colibrys provides unique solutions for a wide range of high performance standard and semi-custom motion sensors for aerospace technology. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our current and future developments.

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