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Control Solutions LLC® develops motion control and power management solutions and applies that expertise to provide safety, survivability and effectiveness for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. “If it moves we control it.”Turret Control System

The recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq revealed vulnerabilities in tactical wheeled vehicles and in their turrets. Due to the nature of the insurgency warfare waged by enemy forces it became apparent that the tactical wheeled vehicles needed increased armor protection for embarked soldiers. Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) armor was added to protect the gunner in the manned turrets, and due to the increased weight of the added GPK armor, the turrets needed a different method of control. Control Solutions LLC, with its technical expertise in motion control, was instrumental in the development, design, manufacturing, and fielding of motorized manned turrets for the US and allied armed forces. Between 2005 and 2012, in parallel with the rapid fielding of Mine Resistant Ambush Proof (MRAP) tactical wheeled vehicles and up-armored HMMWVs, Control Solutions LLC (CSLLC) provided over 70,000 Turret Drive Systems (TDS) and Turret Control Systems (TCS) for US and coalition forces.

Custom-designed in partnership with the vehicle’s manufacturer, and adapted for both the Army’s Objective Gunner Protection Kit (O-GPK) and Marine Corps Transparent Armor Gun Shield (MCTAGS), virtually all Tactical Wheeled Vehicle platforms are outfitted with our TCS technology including MRAP, M-ATV, HMMWV, MTVR, LVSR and ASV.

Today’s military has a need for a smaller/faster/lighter vehicle. Most of these vehicles have turrets without a GPK to save on weight and most of these turrets are manual. We developed a lightweight vehicle turret for weight-critical applications incorporating innovative slip ring technology and the 2nd-generation ITDS turret control.

In partnership with several vehicle OEMs, we have developed the world’s foremost patented Powered Door System for use on all up-armored vehicles, including MRAPs, JLTV, TAPV, and HMMWV which provides fail-safe opening of doors ranging from 400 to 2,000 pounds in any orientation.

Control Solutions LLC can be your answer for tough motion control problems. Our team of engineers and ISO-certified manufacturing personnel stands ready to quickly solve, design, and manufacture your custom solution today.

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