CQC have a long-standing pedigree and history in the development and design of world class dismounted integrated soldier systems. For over 60 years CQC has been at the heart of military personal equipment and at the forefront of new dismounted capability and technology.

CQC’s development around integrated soldier worn systems, supported by a wide range of partners are continually reducing the burden & enhancing capability. Innovative “Man Worn Power & Data” (MWPD) designs are consistently pushing the boundaries of soldier technology to further enhance capability and survivability.

CQC’s award winning Osprey body armour system was designed to deliver maximum protection in the most dangerous theatres and environments in the world. Yet still ensure maximum flexibility in the distribution of weight and integration of ballistic protection, without the need to compromise on combat effectiveness. Having delivered more than 300,000 Osprey systems, CQC continue to improve and evolve its solutions to further reduce weight and burden on the soldier while constantly seeking to improve comfort and capability. The launch of the next generation of integrated dismounted protection and load carriage continues to test the limits of technology and lead the way in further burden reduction and ever greater integration.

The core of CQC’s approach to the “Soldier Platform” is our Research and Development team who are one of the most highly regarded teams within the load carriage and personal equipment industry. Our experienced R&D team have been designing, manufacturing, innovating and delivering bespoke solutions, specific to  customers’ unique requirements for over 40 years.

Prototypes are built from the same high quality materials and components as fully productionised systems, allowing end users the ability to thoroughly test and refine each system to its full potential. R&D continues to deliver world class capability across a wide range of environments, climates and to specific requirements. The integration of technology and leading edge materials is at the heart of every design.

These innovations, while adding significantly to DCC forces’ combat effectiveness, have, over time increased the burden to extreme levels. CQC are leading the way in the integration of existing and new technologies and equipment to enhance capability while reducing burden. Building the equipment and connectivity of the “Soldier Platform”, CQC seek to deliver a more seamless, integrated solution that greatly enhances overall effectiveness.

At the heart of CQC is our ability to manufacture as well as design and our uncompromising commitment to quality. CQC employ the latest capability and technology to ensure our processes stand up to the highest standards of scrutiny and capability. CQC’s production team are committed to ensuring that every product, every system, every individual component item that leaves our door is built to the very highest of quality standards.

We are ISO9001 accredited and seek to continuously improve our processes and products.

CQC are leading the world in the design, development and incorporation of new technology and capability to constantly deliver the very best enhanced integrated soldier systems for greater survivability, capability & lethality.

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