Curtiss-Wright’s INDAL business unit is a world leader in the design of shipborne helicopter handling systems, sub-surface and surface cable handling systems, specialized structures and other sophisticated systems for today’s international navies.

INDAL’s start in the shipboard helicopter handling came through the development of the RAST (Recovery Assist, Secure and Traverse) system first for Canada and the U.S. Navy. The RAST technology was further exported, to the navies of Japan, Australia, Spain and Taiwan.

INDAL introduced its ASIST (Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse) system to support free deck landing/take-off operations. The ASIST system enhances operational safety through the removal of personnel from the flight deck. It also simplifies shipboard installation and integration requirements.

TC ASIST and MAST are systems enable the capture, straightening, and traverse of many types of aircraft. It eliminates the need to make structural modifications to the aircraft. Instead of connecting to a probe or harpoon, TC-ASIST uses dual RSD mounted claws to capture the main landing wheels of the helicopter.

The MANTIS, a battery powered Traverse fills the gap between low sea state manual operations and high sea state operations supported by the ASIST and RAST systems.
Indal also produces systems to handle UAVS through track mount grid systems. To address the unique requirements of larger skid-based UAVs or small helicopters INDAL offers a specially designed variant of MANTIS, the MANTIS SK battery-powered traverser.

INDAL’s ability to effectively model the critical interface and interactions between the helicopter and flight deck ensures that operational risks are fully identified and mitigated early on in the program.
Indal has provided over 170 telescopic hangars and 400 hangar doors meeting the most stringent naval requirements. Indal produces in-deck tracks and tie-downs to support shipboard aviation.
INDAL’s inventory of marine towed handling systems includes towed array handling systems (TAHS) for submarines and surface ships as well as a variety of variable depth sonar handling systems. The company has developed a number of active and passive motion compensation winch systems for towed body, and minesweeping systems.

INDAL brings 50+ years of engineering experience, and a broad product portfolio to support warship projects from the concept stages through construction and through life support. INDAL’s effective manufacturing practices, adherence to ISO quality requirements, program management ensure product excellence and compliance to a customer’s most stringent requirements.
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