Donaldson Aerospace and Defense

  • When Daimler Truck sought to protect the vital systems of its M915A5 trucks, it chose Donaldson’s exclusive PJAC™ Ultra® self-cleaning air cleaner.
  • When Boeing needed advanced filtration for its new flagship 787 Dreamliner, it chose a Donaldson Aerospace and Defense (Donaldson) product, Air Purification System (APS™).
  • When Bell Helicopter required filtration for its all-new 525 Relentless advanced technology helicopter, it selected Donaldson products exclusively for all engine and gearbox protection.
  • Time and time again, premier Original Equipment Manufacturers and operators of aerospace and defense equipment choose Donaldson.

For nearly a century, Donaldson has pioneered filtration solutions. Today the company’s comprehensive and advanced systems protect aircraft, ground vehicles and a range of other equipment from the roughest elements imaginable.  Donaldson helps military forces remain mission ready and helps commercial crews and passengers fly more comfortably and safely.

Donaldson not only invented the world’s first air cleaner, they built on that breakthrough with decade after decade of “firsts” that have been key to the evolution and growth of aerospace and defense products.

“Donaldson stands apart as a customer-focused technology leader with broad, tip-to-tail solutions,” said Matt Fortuna, general manager for Donaldson Aerospace and Defense. “Our superior research and development is driving significant breakthroughs in filtration technology.” Donaldson invests more than $75 million a year in research and development efforts.

Markets served include amphibious and marine, commercial and military fixed-wing, general aviation, ground vehicles and equipment, rotorcraft, and UAVs and missiles.

Technologies focus on protecting key systems such as air intake, engine liquid, hydraulic, avionics, environmental control systems, and electronics and emissions and exhaust.  Dozens of products are available to meet each system’s needs and provide protection from dirt, dust, sand, and other potentially harmful contaminants.

In addition to its APS, other advanced solutions include the self-cleaning Pulse Jet Air Cleaner (PJAC™) Ultra®, Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF), PowerCore, PowerPleat, and a variety of unique and highly capable medias, such as Synteq™ filter media.

Product development is driven by customer requirements for smaller footprints, reduced maintenance costs, longer filter life, increased efficiency, and lower energy consumption, according to Fortuna. “Our technical and engineering teams are involved in developing comprehensive solutions, from creation and invention through rigorous product testing and production.”

What’s more, with 44 locations around the world, Donaldson is able to provide manufacturing, engineering, test distribution, and sales support with a global reach and a local touch.

Focus on Defense

Defense products must frequently operate in difficult environments. In critical battle situations, optimal performance is essential, yet operational realities such as sand or salt, for example, provide a constant maintenance challenge for engines and other systems. In addition to impacting mission readiness, these contaminants drive support and repair costs sky high.

For many global government and defense operators, Donaldson is the filtration provider of choice.

The Aerospace & Defense group provides filtration products that protect vehicles such as the M1 Abrams, Bradley and Stryker, rotorcraft that range from Bell commercial helicopters to Sikorsky BLACK HAWKs, vessels including the Virginia Class Submarine and AAV7, and fixed-wing airplanes that fly military missions.

Donaldson Aerospace and Defense

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