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EvolveWare Wins USAF Contract for Legacy Systems Analysis 

On August 29, 2017, the United States Air Force (USAF) Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) awarded EvolveWare and partner Diligent Consulting Inc. the Legacy Systems Study at Joint Base Randolph Air Force Base (JBSA-Randolph).  

The study requires a comprehensive IT analysis of over forty (40) United States Air Force (USAF) legacy systems with a goal to systems to determine "fit" with Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, or other commercial products certified for use with EBS.

Examples of some of the legacy systems Diligent will use its unique Evolution Solution on to analyze are:  

  • Case Management System (CMS)
  • Assignment Management System (AMS)
  • Millennium
  • Base Level Service Delivery Model (BLSDM)
  • Aviator Retention Pay (ARP)
  • Virtual Personnel Services Center (vPSC)
  • Air Force Fitness Management System II (AFFMS II)
  • AFPC Secure and AFPC Secure Maintenance Application
  • Automated Records Management System Legacy Conversion (ARMS-LC)

The Evolution Solution methodology for performing the analysis and recommending the best solutions for disposition of USAF legacy systems includes a suite of tools, processes and people to automate the analysis and recommendation process. These tools include EvolveWare's Intellisys Platform to extract the systems meta-data and provide artifacts for analysis.  

As part of the deliverables, Diligent's solution will identify the deltas between USAF legacy systems and the Oracle EBS ERP and provide recommendations on how to best implement the functionality within EBS. The implementation will provide a technical roadmap for potential Government consolidation of functionality into, or severability of functionality from the existing/planned Military Personnel Data System (MILPDS)/Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AFIPPS) programs.

"We are extremely excited to be able to showcase our Evolution Solution and its capability through automation to rapidly assess and document legacy applications to give the Air Force the ability to make evidence-based decisions on the disposition of the code." Richard Riney – Executive VP and COO, Diligent Consulting Inc.

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