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FAAC Inc focuses specifically on systems engineering and software simulation products. For more than 30 years the company has been designing and developing the most advanced innovative modeling, simulation, training and mission rehearsal systems for a range of applications; including military aircraft, land forces and unmanned systems. Additionally the company has developed analytical models and simulations, tactical land and air combat analyses. In summary FAAC Inc is recognized as the benchmark in the industry to help ensure their military customers are ready for mission-critical assignments.

By adopting the expertise and experience the company has inherited over the decades, FAAC Inc. has developed turnkey training systems for the US military, Department of Defense and their related military contractors. Services encompass all stages of a job, from problem definition to conceptual innovation and final solution. Key capabilities include:

  1. air and land warfare tactics
  2. avionics
  3. electronic warfare
  4. training ranges
  5. weapon system trainers
  6. weapon guidance
  7. tactical air and surface-launched weapons
  8. sensors
  9. threat air defences (surface-to-air and air-to-air)

FAAC Aviation Simulators

At the heart of FAAC’s strategy is to provide users an experience of the most realistic flight, cockpit and weapon deployment experiences possible.

The Guided Weapon Evaluation Facility (GWEF) Cockpit Simulator

The cockpit system that FAAC has produced is known as the Multi-spectral Man-In-The-Loop (MMITL) Cockpit Simulator Program. The MMITL provides realistic pilot-weapon interface, including the aircrew's role in target acquisition/tracking and weapon launch/guidance.


SimBuilder provides weapon simulation models for use in training environments. This software package consists of executable simulations which are configurable via a graphical user interface (GUI) capable of modeling a wide range of air launched weapons when run in conjunction with data representative of the actual weapon systems.


KeenInsight has successfully brought 3D visualization to desktop Windows®-based PCs. KeenInsight proved that the process of creating a flexible munitions fly-out visualization doesn't need to be complicated or time consuming. Instead it creates realistic fly-out visualizations using current PC graphics hardware.

ACT Simulator System

High fidelity multi-player pilot training is an affordable solution. Using the Air Combat Training (ACT) package, pilots can be trained on F-16 in single ship proficiency skills as well as 2-ship and 4-ship team tactics.

Air Combat Training System / Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System

These training ranges provide pilots with real-time air and ground combat environments, which allow realistic evaluation of the pilots’ combat skills and weapon utilization. The simulations not only provide realistic hit/miss/probability of kill analysis for both threat and friendly weapons, but also provide the participants a factual "reason for miss" evaluation as an added feature to aid their understanding of weapon system capability and employment.

ZAP Missile Launch Envelope

FAAC’s Zone Acquisition Process (ZAP) software provides high-speed missile simulations capable of running much faster than real-time with limited resources. ZAP was initially conceived and developed in the late 1970s as part of the Air Force MISVAL program designed to improve the missile launch envelope (MLE) information presented to F-15 and F-16 pilots. ZAP was the first program to successfully embed high-fidelity missile fly-out simulations in the on-board computer used for determining weapon employment zone parameters in real-time. ZAP improved the inherent accuracy of the information presented by more than 50%. In addition, ZAP enabled new information to be presented to the pilot relating to shot quality, post launch missile status, and the effects of target manoeuvres.

Modular Air Combat Environment

Modular Air Combat Environment (MACE) is a Windows desktop application that simulates real-time air combat and supports post-combat debriefing. MACE incorporates hi-fidelity missile simulations to generate feedback on authentic cockpit displays. A flight simulator allows “first person shooter” action. A “third person viewer” mode lets the user fly through the 3D Combat Theatre in a HyperCopter during a scenario or after the scenario has completed.

FAAC is the sole commercial supplier of weapon and electronic combat environments for the US Navy and Air Force TACTS/ACTS programs.

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