FAUDI Aviation GmbH is a worldwide operating company, well known in the fields of Civil and Military Aviation Fuel Filtration since 1938. We are a qualified and approved supplier of different vessels and elements to international and national standards including the latest editions of EI 1581, 1583, 1590 as well as others.

Our filtration and separation products achieve a contribution for safer flying. Main markets are Aviation, Military, Marine and Industrial fuel filtration solutions.

The Product range consists of the following items:

  • Filter/Water Separators for stationary, mobile, vertical, horizontal applications
  • Microfilter vessels equipped with 4" or 6" elements
  • Filter Monitor vessels equipped with 2" or 6" elements
  • Clay vessels including elements
  • Refuelling, transfer pumping and special units
  • Precoat filter installations, sieve basket filters
  • Train the Trainer seminars for all product applications

FAUDI Aviation was founded in 1938 as FAUDI Feinbau GmbH by the Engineer Fritz Faudi and has been continuously involved in the filtration and separation of Commercial and Military aviation fuels as well as industrial liquids.

We invite you to benefit and solve Filtration or Separation project requirements by using Europe’s biggest modern EI jet aviation fuel filtration test facility including laboratory. A dynamic testing of filter elements under realistic conditions is possible. This is an essential asset for future development as well as evaluation of aviation refuelling systems. In 2003 we were the first Company who completed the API/EI 1581 5th Edition approval tests for vertical and horizontal Filter/Water Separators from flow rates of 83 up to 9500 litres per minute. In December 2004 we were also the first in the industry who passed the API/EI 1583, 4th Edition test for the new developed 2 inch Monitor elements, which are electrical conductive

We also concluded the approval test necessary now according to the EI 1583 6th edition in June, 2011 successfully.

FAUDI Aviation in future markets

FAUDI Aviation developed the AFGUARD® – a prototype aviation fuel guard sensor which can detect free water in jet fuel. The notable feature of this device is that as a result of continual measurement which takes place, the quality of aviation fuels and the performance of Filter/Water Separators are continuously completely monitored. Optimal separation of free water from jet fuels prevents freezing at great altitudes and the accumulation of micro-organisms. In this way, AFGUARD® ensures the supply of clean and dry fuels to the aircraft turbines even before take-off.

Another sophisticated solution is the DPGUARD®. The DPGUARD® has been designed to give out corrected differential pressure values for all type of filter used in aviation refuelling, bringing more safety aspects into refuelling operations worldwide. The DPGUARD® is a self-learning system, consisting of a fully automated touch screen operated minicomputer, integrated in a hard disk IP 65 Box (for wall mounting). It catches electronic signals from differential pressure sensors and related electronic flow signals to mathematically correct and calculate the related differential pressure functionality and give out corrected differential pressure values related to maximal / rated flow.

FAUDI Aviation is offering a worldwide Distributor network which secures the close contact to you – Our Customers.

FAUDI Aviation high quality products are fighting a primary defence against dirt and water contamination in Aviation fuels.

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