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Frestems provides ambulance layout studies, stretcher fastening systems and complete ambulance furnishing successfully to military customers, and has done so since 1998. Frestems also delivers stretcher fastening systems for civilian ambulances, being the number one stretcher platform provider in Nordic countries.Frestems Flexible Rescue Systems

We work with world leading military vehicle manufacturers and land systems divisions in designing ambulance variants to a range of recognized system platforms. For military customers we provide total ambulance solutions from the design phase to the implementation, verification and lifetime support, including comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support documentation.  

We strive to increase patient survivability by developing products to offer the best ergonomics, logistics, reliability, safety and usability for the military users. Frestems utilizes special expertise gained from previous assignments and already qualified ProMIL products to offer innovative solutions:

  • ProMIL product design and manufacturing
  • Ambulance design projects
  • Prime contractor for ambulance variants
  • Aftermarket upgrades to military ambulances

Military Ambulance solution provider

To help the vehicle manufacturer or the end user in designing the most optimal patient loading, transport and patient care solutions for a military ambulance, Frestems offers ambulance layout studies at the start of a project. The equipment layout is designed on top of a vehicle 3D model. It illustrates capacities for sitting patients, stretcher patients and medics. The study provides an idea on what an ambulance layout will look like. Early engagement of a professional ambulance designer helps to create cost efficient and high quality ambulance projects.

Frestems provides total solutions from ambulance design phase to the implementation, verification and life time support. Special vehicle characteristics and demanding environmental requirements require a customized stretcher loading and transportation system. It is a basis to a successful ambulance design. Because of a limited space combined with battlefield conditions, all functions should be carefully optimized to ensure the best performance for your ambulance. Requirements for building a military ambulance are high in terms of reliability, environmental endurance, stretcher loading processes etc. Using professionals for designing your vehicle helps you to get the best value from your ambulance, and ensuring it is capable of working under all circumstances. Frestems has extensive expertise in ambulance projects especially in Nordic countries and Europe and offers tried and trusted solutions for your ambulance project.

Ambulance layout studies and ambulance solutions are based on widely tested and utilized ProMIL products. Accelerated life tests, live mine tests, environmental tests for extreme conditions, user tests for ergonomic and safety, and electrical compatibility tests are used to assure that military customers have reliable ProMIL products that have been already proven in various battlefields.

Successful projects are based on modular ProMIL product family components that can be effectively tailored for the application in hand. This reduces the requalification, risks, schedule and other non-recurring costs of the total project. ProMIL products are compatible with most important NATO standards. ProMIL products are safe, ergonomic, lightweight, compact and robust. They are so long-lasting that it’s difficult to beat them at battlefield.

No ambulance mission is impossible for us!

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