Gatekeeper Security

Christoper A Millar, CEO

Established in 2004, Gatekeeper Security is a US-based technology company dedicated to the development of advanced technologies that automatically inspect the undercarriage of both road and rail vehicles. This unique technology, known as the automatic under vehicle system (AUVIS), is international patented and developed exclusively by Gatekeeper. AUVIS is created using bi-directional scanners that rapidly capture, compare and identify undercarriage anomalies which are then delivered virtually as high resolution 3D images to security personnel and system users.

Alongside AUVIS is a range of integrated automatic license plate reading systems that are capable of wide area network deployment, either as part of the AUVIS platform or as standalone systems.

Gatekeeper technology has been integrated into sophisticated, multiplex security systems as well as: government and commercial facilities, installations, ports, airports, nuclear plants, research facilities, head of state facilities, international rail border crossings and other access control points both in the US and internationally.

Operating through two regional offices in Dubai and Mexico City, Gatekeeper is the world leader in fully automatic under vehicle inspection technology evidenced by their over 300 customers in 27 countries.

Gatekeeper, Inc. 
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