Things are going splendidly for Strömsholmen. The company develops, manufactures and markets KALLER gas springs and gas hydraulic systems for stamping dies and KALLER Hydrop gas hydraulic suspension systems for heavy duty off-road vehicles.

Strömsholmen has been developing and refining this technology since 1983 but has been in the business since 1876. For many years, it has been a world leader with exports of 95 percent. Today, Strömsholmen has nine companies worldwide and is an independent business of Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE:B), located in the U.S. Strömsholmen has in-house manufacturing and assembly in both Sweden (10,000 square meters) and North America (3,500 square meters) that rely on state-of-the-art CNC machinery with a high degree of automation. For 136 years the company has been based out of the small community Tranås in Sweden and will continue to do so. Right now Strömsholmen is growing at full speed.

We had outgrown our production facilities and offices, so we had to expand with 3,100 square meters at Verkstadsgatan in Tranås. In addition, we are building an outdoor test track for our Hydrop line. Right now, we have 380 employees with an annual turnover of USD 100 million and good profitability. New acquisitions, new technology, exciting projects and great clients mean that we are currently hiring new employees. Strömsholmen has been responsible for the development of many ground-breaking engineering products since 1876. However, in 1983 the pioneering development of the gas spring for press tool applications exceeded all previous engineering achievements. In one stroke, Strömsholmen became the world leader in gas spring technology and the brand name, ‘KALLER’, is synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability.

Strömsholmen AB / KALLER
Box 216
SE 57323 Tranas

Tel: +46 140 571 00
Fax: +46 140 571 99

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