Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co.KG

Fr. Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co.KG

The Lürssen family has been operating Lürssen Shipyards for four generations and more than 135 years. Today, the company designs and builds ships of the highest quality for demanding customers all over the world.

Lürssen has earned the experience and expertise required to create vessels that meet any set of individual wishes and different demands. The legendary quality of Lürssen stands for satisfied customers and ships that can be completely relied on in any situation.


As a traditional owner-operated company in family hands, Lürssen is fully free of obligation to external stakeholders. Our greatest responsibility is to the quality of our products. This independence, which is unique in the international market, is highly important to us in the interest of our customers. Lürssen is free in the choice of technologies and systems to be integrated into ships. That means, we can fulfill customer wishes for specific solutions from domestic or international providers without difficulty. The benefits to our customers: performance, quality, security and reliable planning.

To ensure maximum certainty throughout all levels of construction, we base our customer-specific solutions on tested and proven platforms, which undergo continuous further development. In all our activities, Lürssen can rely on long-term partner companies and contractors operating under license in 15 countries. At our locations all over the world, we are constantly expanding this international network. This way, we ensure availability to our clients – anywhere, anytime.

No other shipyard in the international market has developed, built and delivered so many ships to so many countries.

We are specialized in the individual development of high-tech naval vessels. Whether fast patrol boat, offshore patrol vessel, corvette, frigate, minehunter or fleet support vessel, Lürssen has set standards for each ship type.

The ideas and demands of our customers are key factors in the success of Lürssen naval vessels. Nothing motivates us more than the challenge of fulfilling exacting demands.

The logical consequence of this focus is diversification: to fulfill the individual needs and wishes of each customer, we maintain different shipyards in Germany. Each specializes in ships of a specific size, ranging from 25 to 190 meters.

All of our shipyards are equipped with the most advanced shipbuilding technology available and staffed by highly qualified and dedicated naval architects, specialized engineers as well as technicians and skilled workers. Along with our main headquarters in Bremen Vegesack, these facilities guarantee unsurpassed capacity to create unique vessels.

To ensure the long-lasting operational capability of Lürssen naval vessels, Lürssen Logistics trains crews in expert operation of advanced naval vessels. Maintenance crews receive all required documentation and the knowledge to repair and maintain all on-board systems. Spare parts are supplied whenever and wherever they are needed.

Many of the world’s naval forces value the reliable support we provide to keep their ships and logistics functions running smoothly and securely. Our efficient spare parts management service is available not only for Lürssen vessels, but also for those of other shipbuilders. The benefit of this service to optimize your logistics: better preparedness of your fleet and more cost-effective operation. Only with the Lürssen Logistics service programme can our customers be sure they are getting the most out of their fleets.

These strengths coupled with short and reliable delivery times form the foundation of our capacity to perform and have earned us the trust of many navies all over the world.

Members of the Board
Friedrich Lürßen
Peter Lürßen
Carl-Otto Große-Lindemann
Frithjof Schmidt
Dr. Klaus Borgschulte
Peter Kneipp

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