Marshall Land Systems

Marshall Land Systems (MLS) was formed in 2008 to manage the land systems businesses of the Marshall Group. Primarily concerned with defence it also works on security, Non Government Organisation and civilian projects where similar levels of ruggedness and performance to the military are required for effective deployment and operation.

Marshall LS has six operational areas. Working through focussed and dedicated project management teams Marshall LS specializes in the integration of capability and systems into and onto platforms. The company is agnostic about which platform the solution is based on and often works in partnership with the end user to find the correct platform for the capability required.

Marshall Specialist Vehicles (MSV) provides protected workspace solutions. This can take the form of integrated shelter solutions on vehicles or transportable ground deployed systems or both. These shelters are typically based on standard ISO 20ft footprints but other sizes and configurations are used to provide medical facilities up to and including Role 2 hospitals, C4ISTAR, workshops, laboratories, operational HQs, specialist stores preparation, transport facilities and almost any other infrastructure requirement. The ISO shelters can be standard steel or state of the art matrix single or double expandable variants.

Marshall SV opened a subsidiary business in Norway in 2010 to support this market.

Marshall Vehicle Engineering (MVE) provides vehicle engineering and logistics systems. Its products include a range of vehicle load beds, hook loaders, skeletals and vehicle completion capabilities for the UK MoD and other customers. The company has a state of the art robotic welding and e-dip facility with together with full design and engineering resources.

Marshall SDG (MSDG) is responsible for capability development. Marshall SDG does this for the UK MOD and major defence and security companies. It is particularly well known for its capability in the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) area and weapons control systems but also has skills in integrated protection, engineering, CBRN, EW, ECM and EMC/EMI conflict resolution and safety case planning and verification.

Marshall Fleet Solutions (MFS) specialises in the provision of fleet support and fleet solutions to land transport fleets particularly for climate controlled trailers. It delivers fleet support; from its own nationwide bases, at customers’ installations or at the roadside. Marshall FS’ 160 mobile fitter teams have diesel, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, climate control and vehicle engineering expertise. With its own 24/7 call centre Marshall FS is increasingly becoming involved with military as well as civil customers.

Marshall LS Australia (MLSA) was recently formed to follow business in Australia. It covers all aspects of Marshall LS’ business in Australia.

Lorica Systems UK is responsible for the provision of survivability solutions for military and security customers. Coupled with expertise from across the Marshall LS companies Lorica Systems UK assists in the delivery of integrated protected solutions into and onto platforms.

Marshall Land Systems
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