Self-luminous tactical sights
In Afghanistan all forces had to learn the hard way. Today even for modern and highly trained forces it is hard to have superiority on the field against insurgence in an asymmetric warfare. No modern radios or network capability will help you out there, when it counts. Today it is back to basic: shoot faster and hit better to stay alive. Operations at night used to be reserved for Special Operation Forces (SOF) with their rare and expensive night vision goggles and technologies. Today even specialized infantry have night vision devices or little helpers like cost effective tritium tactical sights to stay ahead. Owe the night!

mb-mictrotec, the world leader of tritium lighting from Switzerland, is presenting a new tactical sight. The tritium/fibre powered H.A.L.O. (H3 Adaptive Luminescent Optic) tactical sight line is the most reliable choice under any light and weather conditions. The unique fibre tritium combined technology ensures exceptional brightness and maximized accuracy for the shooter, even in stress situations. It is very easy to handle. Just bring the two tritium dots of the rear sight and the green or red halo point of the front sight in a row and shoot. This system is easy to understand and needs no long training.

Engineered to exceed strength, durability and illumination specifications of law enforcement and military requirements, the H.A.L.O. H3F addresses the specific needs of tactical shooters.

The front sight features an aiming halo point composed of pigmented (red or green) optical fibre (light collector), protected by an aluminium sleeve and self-powered laser cut trigalight, while the rear sight feature two tritium dots configured in a U-shape.

The pigmented fibre optic tube is a light collector tube that provides a bright halo for all daylight conditions. Inside is an aluminium cylinder that contains and protect the trigalight tritium filled lamp, e.g. from harsh cleaning solvents or pressure. The trigalight tritium filled gas lamp provides a full light for dark and fast changing environments. Its superior illumination is guaranteed for at least ten years. But normally the Trigalight tritium lamps are good for 20 years and longer, they exceed the weapon lifetime by fare. At the end each lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel which helps to evenly distribute the light from the Trigalight tritium lamp as well as protect it from solvents and puncture.
As mentioned the light source is manufactured by mb-microtec while Defiance (also from Switzerland) will manufacture the outside components. The rear sight has a serrated surface to reduce glare and the rear dots each an additional black ring to enhance focus.

The H.A.L.O. H3F offers therefore a permanent adaptive brightness for at least 10+ years with a minimal to no maintenance. It is one of the smallest fibre tritium combined sights in the world. And with its perfect contrast, even with fast light changing environments, it offers the shooter fast and accurate target acquisition under any light and weather conditions. Stay ahead of your opponent!

The H.A.L.O. H3F tactical sights are used by KRISS USA, GLOCK from Austria or SPHINX (SPHINX SDP) from Switzerland for their weapons just to name some.

The H.A.L.O. H3F Adaptive Luminescent Optic tactical sight is using tritium gas as an illumination source. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton) contains one proton and two neutrons. The radioactivity (half-life 12 years) of the material is always subject to many concerns. What if the gas light source breaks? The energy of tritium is to such a low extent, it cannot be detected by a Geiger counter. So it cannot irradiate a person without having tritium entering the body (eating, drinking or skin), although the rays cannot penetrate the skin. So the most likely way of absorbing tritium is through inhalation.

The marker contains 5.3 GBq (140 mCi). The International Commission on Radiological Protection(ICRP) recommend non-nuclear worker annual dose limit of 1 mSv (mSievert). To reach that dose by inhalation after the marker broke it would take 37.74 days (in a concealed room of10 m3). A natural dose per year of the population in Switzerland is 5.60 mSv (by medicine, eating bananas, mushrooms or living at higher altitudes).

Therefore mb-microtec recommends, in the vent of the breakage of a light source, a short but thorough ventilation of the room and the cleaning up of the broken pieces and their disposal in the dustbin (with gloves to protect the skin).

Bright portfolio
The trigalight technology is used in different applications: the above mentioned tactical sights for pistols, sights for rifles (e.g. Trijicon), equipment marker or watches (e.g. traser H3).

Today mb-microtec is able to produce trigalight tubes small as 0.5 mm in diameter and 1.3 mm in length. trigalight is available in different colours, taking into account that green is the brightest one and the human eye can see it best. Available colours: green (100% intensity), yellow (80%), white (60%), ice-blue (60%), pink/purple (45%), orange (40%), red (20%) and blue (15%). On customer request personalized lights are available.

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