Micro Systemation

Mobile technology changes the world. There are billions of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, GPS units and watches. Even where there are no computers, people use mobiles: in the cities, in the countryside, in deserts and mountains. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we bring our mobile devices.

This is also true for people who break the rules of society. They use mobile devices and that can be a good thing. Mobile technology leaves traces, like digital footprints. These can reveal a hidden world - a fragmented world at times, but a world that points to the truth. It is our task to help our customers search for that truth, in order to make the world a safer place.

Our customers are passionate about their jobs. They truly believe in justice and peace. However, when it comes to mobile technology they meet tough challenges. There is a constant flow of new devices, new operating systems and new apps. Staying ahead of these challenges is absolutely critical for our customers.

MSAB takes responsibility for supporting our customers with the best possible solutions for mobile forensics. This means that we also need to stay ahead of the game; with our products and services, with our vision and energy, with our people and how we do things. We are the pioneers of our industry. Our promise is simple: MSAB – When you want to stay ahead

Our mission is to drive the industry of mobile forensics
MSAB was founded in 1984 and we have a vast experience in mobile technology. Together with pioneering law enforcement organizations we helped create the mobile forensics industry and we are still committed to driving and leading it forward. Our task is to develop the best possible solutions for mobile forensics and our reason for being is to help our customers do their job for society.

New technology demands new solutions
A mobile device contains enormous amounts of information that can tell who did what, when, where and with whom. For the people safeguarding society this opens up ground breaking possibilities. It also requires new skills, new routines and new tools. The mission of MSAB is to help law enforcement, military and government organizations handle these challenges to fully leverage the power of mobile forensics.

We admire and respect our clients
Our customers find themselves at the forefront of crime prevention and peace keeping. They dare to make a difference even when the stakes are high. They are passionate and search for the truth. There used to be a few pioneers in mobile forensics but today it is at the core of many law enforcement, military and government organizations. We know these people and we are proud to be their partners.

We believe in relations built on trust
There are similarities in all successful partnerships. Based on our experience from customers in more than 100 countries we know that trust and understanding is key to any relationship. This guides how we collaborate with clients; in the labs, in the field, in management or elsewhere. In fact we believe it is crucial due to the nature of what our customers do.

Our partners keep pushing the limits of mobile forensics
Our customers face the toughest kind of situations requiring fast and appropriate actions. They must think ahead and be well prepared. They often reject old methods and try new solutions. It never stops. They have to stay ahead as a routine and this puts MSAB to the test. Our customers depend on us. They must be top performing and so must we. When developing our solution this is our top priority.


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