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Paragon Rapid Technologies provides prototyping and low volume manufacturing services to companies in a wide variety of industries, including the defence and aerospace sectors.

At Paragon we believe that rapid prototyping has the potential to transform defence product development in many ways, the most significant being:

  • Allowing low volume manufacturing of new products without the need for high tooling costs, facilitating the development of more specialised or even fully customised products
  • The potential to greatly speed up the rate of product development, improving time to market for essential new military equipment

Changes to Product Development in the Defence sector

Historically military products have typically been designed as rugged metal fabrications, whether it be a vehicle, a mine detector or a radio set. This is due to a number of factors, including available manufacturing technologies, low volume production requirements, the need for customisation and the ability to withstand the rigours of the battlefield.  Designs were primarily functional with less focus given to ergonomics or aesthetics.

Now, the supply chain for military hardware and equipment is ever growing with companies investing greater resource into product development, in order to gain the competitive edge in the market place by offering added value.

Benefits of Rapid prototyping

By working with Paragon to introduce rapid prototyping into the design cycle, manufacturers are able to bring superior products to market more quickly for the following reasons:

1. Proof of concept
The facility to make frequent changes and adjustments to a digital design and then very quickly generate a physical evaluation model through “3D Printing” processes. This can dramatically reduce design and development times for clients, allowing designers to explore more variations.

2. Improved Ergonomics
With the opportunity to quickly produce multiple iterations of a design at the concept stage, products can be optimised for ergonomics and functionality with end user assessments possible at an early stage.

3. Reduced Time to Market
By accelerating the product development phase through the use of rapid prototyping technologies, manufacturers can confidently lay down production tooling earlier, allowing them to maximise their competitive advantage and benefit from a quicker return on investment.

4. Optimised for Manufacture
A physical model in the hand is an invaluable tool to assess a design for manufacture and allows early consideration to be given to tool design and feasibility. Additionally the product assembly can be evaluated, as well as the practicality of assembling electronics and other internal hardware.

5. Validation and User Trials
The functionality of materials through both the sintering and the casting process allows extensive field trials to be carried out in addition to initial lab testing. For example, Paragon Rapid Technologies was involved in providing fully functional prototypes of General Service Respirators for field trials by the manufacturer, before issuing them to the military.

6. Low Volume Manufacture
Due to the nature of the Defence market, products are often only required in low volumes where quantities won’t allow the amortisation of tooling investment across the production run.
Many of the rapid prototyping processes offered by Paragon, in particular SLS and PU casting, offer a means to creating production parts which look and feel like injection mouldings, but without the tooling investment.

Our focus at Paragon

At Paragon, our focus is on using rapid prototyping processes to provide both prototype and low volume production solutions to our growing customer base. Our continual R&D development programme is helping us to identify application-specific materials for the Defence, Aerospace and Oil & Gas markets.

We offer a flexible approach towards our service, working with a wide range of companies, from individual designers, to industry leaders and government bodies. Paragon has experience working on projects as diverse as chemical filter systems, communications equipment and portable lighting, to missile components, training weapons and even parts for UAVs and land vehicles.

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