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PerriQuest Defense Research Enterprises provides creative technical solutions to address emerging threats against citizens, military personnel, pilots, police, and transportation workers. PerriQuest brings fresh scientific perspectives to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

Research and Development Services

PerriQuest has perfected an agile approach to providing research and development services, optimized to deliver efficient, high-impact, high-technology solutions in a timely manner.  Our process contrasts with the linear approach of conventional large research organizations, where basic science is treated as a separate research activity.  In that linear approach, research outcomes are filtered and passed on to separate product development teams — a slow process where solutions are often outdated before they emerge from development. 

PerriQuest R&D teams are comprised of the best and brightest in the appropriate fields for a project.  Cross-disciplinary teams employ a proven project management methodology that encourages efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing.  Designed to adapt quickly within both the problem space and the solution space — a frequent requirement in complex technology projects, ensuring that projects benefit from a faster cycle between problem definition through completed deployable solution.  It’s a cost effective process, and it typically results in a cost effective end-product.  PerriQuest’s disciplined, proven approach to research and development services is coupled with a proven track record of successful innovation unlike any other research and development company of its kind.

The company’s research and patented solutions include:.

RF-Electromagnetic Reflection Control

PerriQuest developed RF-electromagnetic reflection control (RRC) and frequency selective surface (FSS) technologies have numerous applications. Lightweight, flexible and easily applied to surfaces and structures, PerriQuest RRC and FSS technologies can RF-protect and quiet buildings, aircraft, drones, ground and sea-based  vehicles, and wind-turbines and can selectively filter desired frequencies for various applications.

Applications include:

  1. Reducing the radar cross-section of fixed or moving objects.
  2. Protecting Wi-Fi emissions in rooms or buildings from eavesdropping.
  3. Blocking interfering frequencies to improve radar and other RF system performance.

Aircraft Countermeasures

To protect commercial aircraft from the threat of shoulder-fired missiles, PerriQuest has developed countermeasure technologies for negating seeker-based guidance systems. These technologies are designed specifically for cost effective application to commercial aircraft and easy installation in existing airframes.

Transdermal Agents for Soldier Wellness and Performance

PerriQuest technology allows simple, cost-effective delivery of performance-enhancing and therapeutic agents through the skin.  The technology involves compounds and methods of administering them for systemic delivery.  Benefits include substantially simplified compound delivery and reduced side effects.  Transdermal agents can include compounds for performance enhancement, including sleep/wake assistance and muscle recovery, therapeutic neuropeptides for PTSD, and compounds for pain relief and inflammation.  Delivery is available via gels, lotions, ointments, sprays, or solid stick.

Laser Defense Eyewear

PerriQuest laser-defense eyewear diminishes the impact of hand-held lasers.  Aviator-style glasses protect eyes against visual distraction in the event of laser attack.  Precision engineered to provide high visual acuity and color accuracy, the eyewear is uniquely effective for demanding environments where military personnel, police, and pilots operate, whether on land, in the air or at sea. 

  1. Attenuation of all three common laser wavelengths bands— red (635 nm), green (532 nm) and blue (445 nm).
  2. Color-Balance Technology™ assures color discrimination when viewing airplane instruments, airport illumination, device screens, etc.
  3. Available in a night-time version with high ambient light transmission, and a day-wear version with sunglass characteristics. 

Vehicle Threat Detection

A PerriQuest-developed threat detection system translates discovered threat information into a tactile signal that indicates direction and distance of an identified threat. The threat detection system can be used for military or commercial vehicles, including aircraft, and in flight training simulators and computer gaming.


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