Pure H2O

Introduction of Pure H2O

Pure H2O is an innovative Danish company founded in 2001, specializing in the design and production of small, compact, light-weight, mobile water purification plants for remote area deployment where drinking water is a scarce resource.

These solutions are used for Rapid Deployment missions by humanitarian organizations, national civil protection agencies and defense forces on expeditionary field missions.

The main business area of the company is to deliver durable, environmentally sustainable drinking water solutions with ability to cover the need for 50 to 10.000 people. 

The company’s BlueBox concept for drinking water purification is a proven technology with an impressive track record from 30 countries.

The Bluebox purification concept by Pure H2O provides an established and confirmed response to the requirements for the modern drinking water supply scheme in platoon to battalion sized field operations.

Pure H2O has the capability to deliver logistically optimized camp water solutions from any raw water source with purification and camp distribution. The complete setup includes water purification, storage, distribution, water chilling, pump stations, field laboratories, as well as conventional and solar power generation.


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