Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. Its most important markets today are Europe, South Africa, Australia and the US. Saab has around 14,000 employees. Annual sales amount to around SEK 24 billion, of which research and development account for about 25 percent of sales.

Saab caters to a wide and changing security market where needs vary but solutions are partly based on the same key technologies. We offer a wide range of products, applications, systems and solutions, including training, support and services, for military defence and civil security needs.

Our strongest offerings are in fighter aircraft, command and control systems, radar, reconnaissance and surveillance systems, including Airborne Early Warning (AEW) systems, tactical weapon and missile systems, and Command, Control, Communications, Computing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems for Air Traffic Management.

We also have niche offerings in commercial aviation and in selected regions. We provide civil security, support and services, training and underwater systems, and signals intelligence and countermeasure systems.

Market areas
Saab competes in an global market, which requires a strong international presence. Therefore, Saab has established market areas around the world, including:

North and South America

Nordic and Baltic

Europe and Greater Middle East

Sub-Saharan Africa


Asia Pacific

The purpose of the market areas is to create a stronger local presence and increase focus on the customer.

Business areas

Saab’s operations are divided into six business areas:


Aeronautics offers advanced airborne systems, related subsystems, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), aero structures and services to defence customers and commercial aerospace industries worldwide. Aeronautics is also responsible for the development, production, marketing, selling and supporting of the Gripen multirole fighter aircraft.


Saab has extensive experience in defence systems and force protection technology - above, on and below the surface. This competence is focused within the Dynamics business area. It offers ground combat weapons, missile systems, torpedoes, sensor systems, unmanned underwater vehicles and signature management systems for armed forces as well as remotely operated vehicles and security systems for the offshore industry and nuclear power plants.

Electronic Defence Systems

Saab is one of the world’s premier suppliers of solutions for surveillance, threat detection and location, platform and force protection, as well as avionics. Electronic Defence Systems offers a unique competence in the area of radar and electronic warfare, and a product portfolio covering airborne, land-based and naval radar, electronic support measures and self-protection systems. For increased flight mission efficiency and flight safety Electronic Defence Systems supply mission avionics and safety critical avionics computers for both civil and military customers.

Security and Defence Solutions
At Saab we develop technology to detect possible threats at an early stage, train and prepare for different kinds of scenarios, and ultimately protect society and its individuals. Security and Defence Solutions offers C4ISR systems, Airborne Early Warning, Civil Security systems and solutions, training and simulation, as well as telecom carrier and power solutions.

Support and Services
Service and support are key success factors to any operation – from warfare to search and rescue missions. With decades of experience in providing and operating service and support solutions for the defence sector, Saab’s Support and Services provides a true life-cycle commitment, offering integrated support solutions, maintenance, logistics and technical support, field facilities and regional aircraft support.

Combitech is an independent subsidiary and one of Sweden's leading technology, development and management consultancy companies. By combining technology with environmental and security awareness, Combitech offers unique and effective solutions.

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