Savox Communications

Savox Communications was founded in 1982 and today is one of the largest professional communication solution providers in the world.  With headquarters in Luxembourg and operations in Finland, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada and the PRC, the Savox Communications Group provides a global presence to support customers in all of its main geographical markets delivering communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments by military, maritime, police, security, fire, rescue, and industrial end users.

The company is focused on providing integrated defence communications - including future soldier systems - as well as safety and rescue products and solutions that improve user safety and save lives, whatever the conditions. The Savox product portfolio represents a unique and broad spectrum of products to support users in all these sectors in their daily operations, wherever they are, around the globe.  From its 30 years of experience serving these highly demanding end-user segments, Savox has gained unique insight into their requirements, which, in turn, has enabled the company to produce some of the most innovative and market-driven solutions available anywhere today.

Not only does Savox Communications, with its unique combination of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, create its own range of specialised products, the company also uses its world-class resources to make communications accessories for many of the world’s leading two-way radio, mobile phone and personal protection equipment manufacturers, as well as major mobile phone operators, globally.  The products provided by Savox are used by a wide variety of mobile workforces in governmental, public and private sectors on land, sea, in the air, for use in the most demanding applications and environments that often involve hazardous scenarios, high noise, extreme dust and extremes of temperature. What Savox products allow in such circumstances, however, is for the professional end-user to focus on the task at hand. Savox Communications keeps end-user needs as the focal point in all product design, allowing the creation of state-of-art products tailored to these extremely difficult working environments. With outstanding expertise in a range of areas such as: ergonomics, superior audio performance, ease of use, intrinsic safety and wireless connectivity, the Savox team of designers and engineers have been able to factor all these into their thinking when designing new solutions and incorporate them into some of the finest communications products available today for demanding end users whose very lives often depend on the performance and reliability of their communications and for whom poor, or unreliable, communications are simply not an option.

Savox’ impressive track record, the numerous geographical and industry sector markets it serves, along with its extremely varied, high-quality product portfolio, offer its customers the chance to take advantage of the very latest technologies available in the professional and defence communications market.

Two of the company’s most recent additions to its defence product portfolio include:

  1. The Savox Tactical Headgear system for changing Operational Requirements, (THOR), which is a sophisticated, versatile, easy-to-use tactical headgear system offering a modular head-mounted solution for a wide range of military and security personnel operating in an equally wide variety of demanding and extreme battlefield, covert and security scenarios. THOR has been designed to meet the challenges of changing operational requirements on the battlefields of tomorrow; and
  2. A new compact intercom system, IMP-CH, developed to meet the growing C4I requirements aboard a variety of land-based and marine military and security platforms, where space limitations prevent the use of larger systems, but enabling them to interact effectively with all other participants on today’s, and tomorrow’s, dynamic and highly-connected battlefield.

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