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SnigelDesign develops, manufactures and sells systems for carrying equipment and protecting the user, for high-end military and law enforcement applications.


SnigelDesign is an independent Sweden-based group of military and defence industry experts, engineers and designers who are passionate about elevating the quality and function of load-carrying and protection equipment for modern soldiers, law enforcement officers and professionals. Founded in 1990 by a military officer who later earned an MA in industrial design, the company is guided by a “no compromises” philosophy on function, quality and comfort. The people in the company use the products themselves on a professional basis and are constantly developing them in collaboration with leading military organizations around the world. Design and development is handled in Stockholm, Sweden, with scalable production in several dedicated locations. As an independent firm, SnigelDesign is able to set its own course and develop the types of products it feels set a “next generation” standard with zero bureaucracy. SnigelDesign also provides development, testing, evaluation and documentation services for other companies and authorities on a consultancy basis.

Currently, SnigelDesign supplies equipment and services to the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish National Police, a number of Special Forces and tactical police teams across Europe, as well as to the FBI.

About the author
Per-Henrik Magnusson, aka PH, is a professional military officer and load-carrying expert who is the founder of SnigelDesign. In 1977, at the age of 14, he designed and built his first backpack – a copy of the Swedish Army "Backpack 35LK”. Over the next 10 years, PH made more than 200 backpacks for friends and family as well as other people who had heard about them. Many of these packs are still in use today. In 1982, he entered the Swedish Army as an Airborne Ranger and later became a reserve officer. At age 52, he is still active as a home guard platoon commander in Sweden.

During the 1980s, PH started to develop combat vests and different pouches for military use. These were tested in numerous military exercises and changes were made continuously. In 1987 PH started his education to earn a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design in Stockholm. The practical part in school included a six-month internship at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) developing a very large backpack and a functional chest rig – experience that later proved invaluable.

He founded SnigelDesign in 1990 with an ambition to elevate the function and quality of load-carrying and protection equipment for some of the most demanding defence applications. From 1991 to 2006, he worked as Head of Design and Product Management at Snickers Work wear, in parallel with his dedication to SnigelDesign. Today, he and his team continue to push limits in terms of new product development with a design philosophy of “no compromises” on function or quality.

SnigelDesign AB
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