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Stream Defence Systems – “delivered to theatre fit for action”

Established as an independent business in 1999, Stream was built on a foundation of more than 10 years of hard won prior experience in HVAC engineering, and associated disciplines including acoustics, electrical and electronic engineering, physical and chemical work, and human physiology.

Since those early days our philosophy has not changed, only to incorporate digital and network-based control and reporting, and as a company we now bring 25 years of specialist engineering solutions experience to the challenges of the current military HVAC requirement.

Based in NW London, with excellent access to road, rail and air communications we are ready to take on your engineering challenges. Stream is also active in marine and construction HVAC, control systems and information technology.

We specialise in integration of the disciplines necessary to resolve human environment challenges. Working within structural engineering constraints, refrigeration, thermodynamic, acoustic, electrical, controls and human physiological issues are taken into account to produce rugged and powerful systems that stay in the game

We create environments which are conducive to optimum cognitive function, and ultimately survival, and develop integrated and science-based solutions for extremely challenging operational requirements. Another area of our work which is applicable to many modern applications is low noise HVAC and acoustic management for confined spaces, shelters and containers.

Our Ethos:

Integrity in every area of business
Optimised quality and value through design
Trust and empowerment of all business partners and associates

Five things characterise a Stream technical resource. Working from first principles, integrating across disciplines and mindsets, innovating conservatively to gain the advantage of technology, rigourous cost analysis, and consideration for ecology.


Refrigeration - The refrigeration vapour compression cycle is a complex field, where there is much scope for better understanding and implementation, and we have tools in house to measure and adjust thermal flows. We also have the support of an excellent network of suppliers who are prime sourceheat

Thermal design - transfer through materials is critical in the understanding of extreme environments, even more so than in buildings where there is often a degree of tolerance.

Acoustics - the noise and vibration levels present in an environment are a critical part of the conditions that humans are called upon to experience, enjoy, operate in and even endure! We have the experience, equipment and procedures to record, measure, analyse, report on and resolve issues and problems around this sphere.

Human Environment - understanding the operation of the human body and mind, and the conditions that it is subject to is an essential precursor to the delivery of an appropriately designed systems for temperature, humidity, noise and vibration. The stresses and overall effect on cognitive function that persons are experience will clearly be different in an office environment than that of a dance floor, marine application, or operational military vehicle.

Air movement - delivery of airflow to the correct place is a critical part of the design of any climate control system. The capacity of the system can often be reduced if delivery of the air to where it is needed most. The prime example of this is the ManPak system where chilled air is delivered directly to the torso of the soldier.

Other technologies - We are always on the lookout for new technologies in the field of thermodynamics that can be employed in the search of the perfect human environment. Examples of some recent developments are the use of thermo electric coolers, heat pipe transfer technology and evaporative coolers.

Stream Defence Systems – “because it is mission critical to get the best from people”

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