In 1983 VOLZ SERVOS was founded for designing and marketing electro mechanical actuators worldwide. Our innovations in performance, durability and compact design quickly drew the attention of the industrial actuators market. This has been achieved by meeting our customers' demands of maximizing torque and speed, efficiency, reliability and durability and at the same time minimizing volume/weight, component and development costs - making VOLZ actuators an excellent choice.

All our industrial actuators are Made in Germany under stringent quality control meeting highest expectations quality and reliability wise.

Working closely with end users, we at VOLZ SERVOS turn their requirements and ideas into a product. Having successfully cooperated with well known customers worldwide we have proven to be an innovative, reliable partner for any kind of challenging projects.

It is our interest and goal to keep pushing the design limits of actuator technology not with gimmicks but with valuable features. This is our idea of value based actuators designed up to quality not down to a price.

Volz Servos GmbH & Co. KG
Kaiserstrasse 15
D-63065 Offenbach

Tel: +49.69.985 580-0
Fax: +49.69.985 580-40
Web: www.volz-servos.com/en/

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