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VRR’s air transportable containers and pallets often fulfil vital functions in logistics for military (rapid deployment) forces. Regardless of supplying a container or pallet, the final products must be lightweight, mobile, easy-to-use for storing and transporting supplies and other goods.


As logistic commands are increasingly making use of commercial flights, either via chartered or scheduled flights, it is of vital importance that both military as well as commercial aviation certification requirements have been met. This is often overlooked in the logistical process yet safety may be at risk.

What sets VRR apart from other container manufacturers, is the flexibility in adapting customer requirements whilst ensuring airworthiness. Airworthiness which, and this must be stressed, is received through design and production approvals of the governing airworthiness organisations such as EASA and the FAA.

VRR supplies a variety of air cargo products to Air Forces, NATO, airlines and to airframe manufacturers as Airbus or Tier-1 suppliers.

The head office is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where sales, engineering, certification and production is based. Maintenance of air cargo and catering equipment is provided through our facility nearby Amsterdam Airport. A sales office in Singapore supports our Asian clientele.

VRR holds design, production and maintenance EASA airworthiness approvals along with an AS9100 quality approval.

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