Wilcox Industries

Wilcox IndustriesWilcox Industries Corp is a leading innovator in the tactical equipment sector, creating unique products with unmatched performance, durability and value. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have created products that directly impact the safety of service members.

We are proud to offer you full system solutions that are known for the quality, ruggedness and durability that will withstand the most grueling mission requirements. While we are known for our NVG mounting solutions, our innovation encompasses four product categories: NVG mounting systems, combat systems, small arms systems and hybrid life support.

We are true to our slogan "Modular by Design" and we remain nimble in order to meet the needs of our customers, while delivering the results you have come to expect from the Wilcox name.

Wilcox  IndustriesWilcox Industries is located at 25 Piscataqua Dr, Newington, NH 03801, USA. 

For more information contact us by phone at (603) 431-1331, by fax at (603) 431-1221 or on the web at www.wilcoxind.com

Questions about RAPTAR™ systems or any of our other product lines can be directed to Travis Mitchell, Vice President of Sales/Marketing at travis.mitchell@wilcoxind.com or Tiffany Yelle, Dealer Relations at tiffany.yelle@wilcoxind.com.

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