The Will-Burt Company

The Will-Burt Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescopic mast and tower elevation solutions for optical surveillance and communication antenna systems. The company also designs, engineers and manufactures the most technologically advanced and patented all-composite military shelters and containers in the world as well as integrated trailer mounted solutions for its mast and tower products and operates with an ISO 9011: 2008 certified quality system.

In its telescopic mast and tower products, Will-Burt leads in product offering breadth and performance with the objective to satisfy every customer need for today’s demanding military critical payload elevation requirements. Moreover, Will-Burt continually strives to expand its product offering capabilities through new product technological development and corporate acquisition.

Will-Burt broadened its elevation solutions products with its first quarter 2012 acquisition of Geroh GmbH of Waischenfeld, Germany and its 2010 acquisition of Integrated Tower Solutions of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Geroh acquisition, in addition to expanding Will-Burt’s product lines for the military, gives it manufacturing facilities and sales and service capabilities in Europe in addition to the company’s US operations. The Integrated Tower Systems acquisition added telescopic lattice tower and trailer systems to Will-Burt’s portfolio.

The company’s superior Telescopic Mast and Tower Solutions enable optimum performance of optical surveillance sensor and communications antenna systems. Its high performance products deliver not just elevation but also rigidity for best pointing accuracy and light weight for mobility and versatility of vehicle, trailer and field mounting and deployment. In addition, its pre-eminent masts are rugged for durability in harsh operating environments and even strength for on-the-move operation.

Will-Burt’s all-composite shelter solutions deliver significantly lower life-cycle costs and increased performance over shelters constructed of metal and combination composite/metal materials. Will-Burt’s shelters include patented corner columns, roof, floor and walls. The unique technology meets current industry demands for shelter strength, ease of transport, lower weight, lower maintenance, thermal efficiency and deployment capability in extreme environments, surpassing competition.

Will-Burt all-composite shelter advantages include lower energy cost for transport – up to 40% lower weight; lower energy cost for heating/cooling; lower maintenance cost – corrosion resistant; greater strength; greater equipment loading; and secure operations environment with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and High Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) shielding.

Technology development has enabled Will-Burt to lead the telescopic mast and tower market. Its newest technological developments include the VelociRaptor mast and Stiletto HD Low Deflection. The Stiletto HD Low Deflection is an enhancement to the company’s revolutionary carbon fiber composite Stiletto product line, delivering lower lateral and twist mast deflection. The VelociRaptor mast utilizes ground-breaking mast technology which enables elevated persistent surveillance and targeting on-the-move.

The high performance VelociRaptor is constructed of high strength, lightweight carbon fiber composite materials and employs an innovative new drive system delivering rapid extension and retraction and quiet operation. In addition to its unrivaled on-the-move capabilities, the VelociRaptor’s superior strength enables it to be used to deploy Elevated Weapons Systems. Its height enables weapons systems to be elevated above uneven terrain and over walls or other obstacles. In addition, its heavy duty construction allows it to withstand weapons system recoil allowing for greater, safer, more flexible deployment and its rigidity allows for accurate line-of-sight fire.

Will-Burt is committed to the fulfillment of essential customer needs. The company will continue to strive to deliver the most technologically advanced telescopic mast and tower, mobile elevation systems that optimize the performance of optical surveillance sensor and communications antenna systems. In addition, the company will continue to pursue innovative technologies, such as its world leading all-composite shelter and container systems, to fulfill its objective to deliver customer-driven Mission Critical Solutions.

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