Achidatex has been in the business of protection since 1977. The company is a leading innovator of products designed to solve the challenging task of protecting people and equipment. Achidatex is a provider of a wide spectrum of high performance protective equipment, from bullet and fragment resistant vests to bomb and mine disposal solutions.

By using the most technologically advanced bullet-proof materials, extensive research and active field testing the company has an advanced line of state-of-the-art body armour products for military personnel that demand the highest level of protection. Achidatex invest heavily in R&D in order to refine, design, develop pioneering products.

Body armour has evolved over the years in response to advances in weapon performance. The novel approach by Achidatex in the design and development of their range of Protective and Bullet Proof Vests is based on long standing experience and feed back from the most recent combats and terrorist encounters.


A superior ballistic protection system which is light weight and comfortable is achieved by the in-house manufacture of ballistic fabrics and the ever ongoing development by the Achidatex design and research team. The new and inventive ballistic sandwich constructed combinations give the soldier maximum mobility and comfort. The Achidatex body armour ballistic products are battle tested and in use by military forces world wide. The Achidatex body armour meets and exceeds the most stringent international standards.



Designed to meet today’s demand of maximum protection, comfort and load carrying capability, Achidatex produced this front opening Modular Bullet Proof Tactical Vest for general use by combat troops fighting in urban or other types of battle fields.

The Achidatex Modular Bullet Proof Tactical Vest with its scalable ballistic protection and integrated load carrying capability may be configured to suit every type of mission.Outer Tactical Vest � the Assault Load Carrier


The Achidatex specially developed the new Outer Tactical Vest – the Assault Load Carrier is based on the present day experience and requirements of both Israeli and U.S. forces in their fight against global terror, enhancing their personal protection and fighting capability.

The Achidatex vest with its scalable ballistic protection and integrated load carrying capability may be configured to suit every type of mission from urban fighting to operations in the jungle.Bullet Proof Vest Type IDF


The vest is designed for use by Military and Special Forces. The vest is closed at the sides with adjustable Velcro straps. The vest gives protection to the upper torso and neck; it is comfortable to wear and allows freedom of movement.


BULLET PROOF VEST Army TypeThe AC-331-D vest is another innovative product from Achidatex who have a long tradition of developing and producing state-of-the-art products in collaboration with the Israeli Military and Police Forces for personal protection.

The vest is ergonomically designed to fit the body's contours which maximises the individual comfort and increases functional efficiency without compromising maximum protection area.

Bomb and Mine Disposal Solutions

Bomb disposal and mine clearing BOMB DISPOSAL AND MINE CLEARING

On studies based on actual experience and reality Achidatex have, in cooperation with military and police bomb disposal teams and mine clearing experts, designed and developed two extremely safe and successful products, namely the Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet for dismantling explosive devices and the Inflatable Safety Mine Field Shoes for transferring and clearing mine fields.


The Achidatex AC-BDS bomb disposal suit is in two parts – an upper portion giving protection to the chest and neck and a lower portion protecting the genitals and legs. Adjustable straps enable the wearer to put on the suit, walk and run freely, and remove the suit or parts of it without assistance. The protection material of the suit is made of aramid fibre which is a highly effective ballistic fabric affording an optimal level of security.Achidatex AC-BDS bomb disposal suit

Achidatex invented the whole concept of the Inflatable Air Cushion System have developed a second generation of inflatable safety minefield shoes, with added safety measures by the introduction of the patented two layer interconnected air cell cushion system, which greatly reduces the danger of deflation during minefield crossing and clearing operation.

One of the most important means of reducing the hazards of inadvertently triggering a hidden mine is to spread the weight of the wearer and his equipment over a larger contact area than a normal shoe of boot, making it less than the minimum force required to trigger and activate a hidden mine. The minefield shoes are constructed from a tear-resistant fabric envelope with a rigid metal platform for the operator’s boot installed at the top, to transfer the weight over the entire inflated sandal area.

The Achidatex Bomb Disposal Suit is certified by the Israeli Military and Police Authorities and it is in current use with the Bomb Dismantling Division.

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