Air Target Sweden AB : Scoring equipment used for live fire training

Air Target Sweden AB is a high technology company developing and manufacturing scoring equipment used for live fire training and evaluating of weapon systems. The company was founded 1956 and is today located in new premised outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Air Target offers scoring equipment, Miss Distance Indicators (MDIs), for all firing situations and for all type of targets available on the market. Our MDIs can very easily be modified/customized to fit new stiff/hard targets and UAVs. In addition to the scoring equipment Air Target also offer inboard target towing winches and sleeve targets.

The scoring equipment can be used for all firing situations, i.e. Ground to Air (GTA), Ground to Ground (GTA), Air To Air (ATA), Air to Ground (ATG) and corresponding Naval firing situations.

The MDIs are used with sleeve targets (soft targets), stiff targets and unmanned aircrafts (UAVs).

LOMAH (Location Of Miss And Hit), one of the latest developed system is used on firing ranges for soldier and police training.

Air to Ground (ATG) scoring system is also one product within Air Target´s products range.

Common for all systems supplied by Air Target is that the firing result is presented in real time with very high accuracy. The location of each presented round is presented at a 12 sector colour display and the miss distance in meter. The result can be printed on a hard copy as well.

Air Target Sweden AB has supplied its equipment to customers in more than 30 countries during the years and is the main supplier to many defence organisations, i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, and target towing operators around the world.

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