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Boeing is famously known for manufacturing commercial planes, however their Defense, Space & Security (BDS) unit is a major player in the Defence industries. BDS was formed in 2002 with the merger of their Military Aircraft & Missile Systems and Space & Communications units. BDS is NASA's prime contractor on the International Space Station with serves the Space Shuttle program. The Department of Defense (DoD) accounts for approximately 80% of BDS sales.

Key strategies that enable BDS to sustain its leadership in the defence industry is by delivering innovative and capabilities-driven solutions and to understand the mission critical requirements of their defence and military customers.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Defense, Space & Security is a $34 billion business with 68,000 employees worldwide, the company’s is organised primarily into five divisions;

  • Boeing Military Aircraft
  • Global Services & Support
  • Network & Space Systems
  • Phantom Works
  • Joint Ventures

Boeing Military Aircraft

This business unit includes tactical and airlift aircraft, rotorcraft, weapons, unmanned airborne systems, maritime and airborne surveillance programs, and U.S. Air Force and international tankers.

Boeing Military Aircraft major product categories are:

  • Airborne Battle Management; Leading the world in airborne surveillance, command and control, battle management, and airborne anti-submarine and anti-surface ship warfare.
  • Airlift and Tankers; Providing airlift and integrated mobility solutions for customers around the world.
  • Global Strike Systems; Fighters, bombers, weapons and unmanned systems capable of projecting global power.
  • Rotorcraft; A world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing transport and combat helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft.
  • Unmanned Airborne Systems; Providing technologically advanced unmanned aircraft systems, operational services and support to commercial and military markets.

Global Services & Support

Global Services & Support provides total support solutions. Operating at 264 locations worldwide, this business sustains aircraft and systems with a full spectrum of products and services, including aircraft maintenance, modification and upgrades; supply chain management; engineering and logistics support; pilot and maintenance training.

Network and Space Systems

Network and Space Systems (N&SS) division designs and builds the future through network integration, intelligence and surveillance systems, communications architectures, and space exploration. Comprising of six operating divisions, N&SS provides its government and commercial customers with an integrated set of capabilities and the most advanced technological systems in the world.

  • Argon ST; A wholly owned subsidiary developing command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and combat systems that deliver critical, time-sensitive information to warfighters and decision makers.
  • Intelligence and Security Systems; Providing ground-based and other integrated intelligence and security solutions for a broad base of U.S. government customers.
  • Network and Tactical Systems; Designing and implementing integrated air, sea and ground-based networks and tactical systems.
  • Space and Intelligence Systems; Building commercial, civil and military spacecraft systems.
  • Space Exploration; Exploring space, building on our successful Shuttle and International Space Station programs.
  • Strategic Missile and Defence Systems; Designing and building the layered missile defense system for our nation's defense.

Boeing Phantom Works

Phantom Works partners with Boeing Research & Technology, leverages enterprise innovation, and sources "best-of-industry" capabilities to deliver integrated, affordable solutions that meet customer needs and address emerging market opportunities.

Joint Ventures

United Launch Alliance (ULA) - Formed in December 2006, ULA is a joint venture organization created to provide reliable, cost-efficient spacecraft launch services for the U.S. government.
United Space Alliance (USA) - United Space Alliance, established in 1995 as a Limited Liability Company equally owned by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, is a leader in space operations.

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