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BoxModul AB manufactures and develops shelter solutions for the Defence, telecom, Grocery, Wind, Cars, Health industries. The shelters are completely custom-built and suitable for use as temporary or permanent shelters.

Since BoxModul AB was established in 1987 the company has been providing customer oriented solutions within the defence industry particularly to The Norwegian Department of Defence. BoxModul is the one of the leading companies on the market providing modern and customized high security facilities. ‘Accommodation’ and ‘Commando’ shelters are BoxModul’s top products in defence and international peace keeping assignments.

BoxModul AB has a strong and close relationship with Sicomp AB a local research company. This collaboration provides BoxModul AB with resources, tools and intelligence to continuously develop and maintain high quality products that are flexible, customized, innovative and secure.

All BoxModul Defence Shelter Solutions comply with the Measurements according to ISO 9001 and 14001 container standards. Shelters are easily transported by, sea, air or land worldwide.

Ballistic and Blast Protective Safe Shelters

These safe shelters can be used for a number of accommodation functions. BoxModul's unique shelter construction provides first class protection and stands up to fine calibre ammunition and bomb splinters. These shelters are equipped with climate control – therefore providing a comfortable working environment despite temperatures changing quickly.

  • Top quality: Customer-oriented focus, modern and customized solutions
  • Safety: high safety solutions due to R&D and superior material choices
  • Durability: shelters can be constructed to either fulfil temporary or permanent assignments
  • Flexibility: shelters are easily modified and can be transported
  • Expertise: All shelters undergo rigorous quality control and quality testing

Commando central shelters

The Commando central shelters can be equipped with all the necessary accessories, tools and resources needed during warfare or mission critical assignments.

  • Pre-equipped shelters, e.g. delivered with work desks, shelves, flat screens etc.
  • Air condition and sound controlled indoor environment
  • Electric outlets and other electronic installations
  • Quick assembly at site due to modularised structure
  • Options: extreme safety steel construction

Accommodation shelters

Accommodation shelters are an modern alternative to tents – the shelters can rapidly be deployed and set up in 1-2 days depending on size and complexity. Army personnel will be able to rest in a controlled air conditioned environment.

  • No ground preparations needed, everything assembled on steel structure
  • High safety structure: protection walls and smart entrance solutions
  • One or two floor buildings
  • Quick assembly at site due to modularised structure
  • Options: sauna, gym, TV room etc.

BoxModul turnkey large buildings

In conflict areas a large building project can be extremely challenging – however with the expertise of BoxModul concepts and products, this is no longer so daunting. A flat pack-based construction enables BoxModul to mount floors and walls quickly. In the factory prior to despatch all constructions are fabricated from the inside doors, to electricity systems and all ventilation and components are tested to ensure they fit and comply with quality requirements. A two floor building 180 sq m takes approximately one month to complete on-site, including all furniture, ventilation and electricity.

  • High safety structure: bullet proof steel walls, whole construction is welded together by BoxModul’s competent team
  • Turnkey solution, i.e. beds, showers area, windows etc included and easy to install
  • One or two floor buildings construction available
  • Quick assembly at site due to flat pack based construction. .
  • Options: sauna, gym, TV room etc.

Additional bullet proof protection system can be attached to the BoxModul shelters and buildings which would enhances the safety level. The attached bullet traps can withstand calibre 5.56mm 5B up to calibre 0.50mm.

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