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For more than 80 years, Caterpillar has been the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines to over 18 industry sectors. Caterpillar has a network of Cat® dealers worldwide that have been building the world’s infrastructure, and the company has helped drive positive and sustainable change on every continent. Caterpillar is a global strategic company, with hundreds of locations worldwide.

Caterpillar is major supplier of military engineering equipment with a diverse range of earthmoving equipment and engine lines to match mission requirements to of the defence and military markets.

Caterpillar Defense & Federal Products Division


Through the years, from large-scale wars to low-intensity conflicts, from natural disasters to national emergencies, Caterpillar construction equipment has played a significant role in supporting military engineers. This unit is dedicated solely to handling the federal acquisition regulations and unique requirements governing this military business. This dedicated group manages business transactions directly for the defense arenas.

US Army Programs

  • Bulldozers - Cat D6K and D7R-II track-type tractors for dozing, ripping and push loading operations
  • Wheel Loaders – Cat 924G and 966H wheel loaders for building roads and airfields.
  • Motor Graders – Cat 120M motor graders with joystick controls for road building capabilities
  • Airborne Scraper and Water Distributor System (ASWDS) – Scrapers and water distributors modified to be helicopter airlifted and Low Velocity Airdropped (LVAD) from a C130 aircraft for the US Army and USMC.
  • CS-433C and CS563D Vibratory Rollers – Air-deployable rollers modified to meet military specifications.
  • Mine clearing/Armour Protection (MCAP) – Kits to protect operators and sensitive machine components on Cat D7G bulldozers during mine clearing operations.
  • Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover (DEUCE) – High-speed dozer supplied to the US Army with rubber belted undercarriage for off-road mobility and flotation.

Other Major DoD Programs

  • US Air Force 10K All Terrain ForkLift (ATFL) –
  • USMC/US Army 277C MTL – Cat 277C Multi Terrain Loader
  • USMC/USN/USAF BHL – Cat 420 backhoe loaders modified to meet military specifications.
  • US Navy Machines – Current US Navy programs include the following models: D6K, D6T, D7R-II, and D8T bulldozers, 924H and 966H wheel loaders, 963D track loader, 120M motor grader, 730 and 770 trucks, 613C-II and 621G scrapers and 621G water distributor, CS-56, PS150 and 815F-II compactors, 420E backhoe loader and AP655D paver.

Foreign Military Sales Programs

  • Afghanistan/Iraq Supplemental Acquisition Program (AISAP) - Bulldozers, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and lift trucks used for construction in Afghanistan and Iraqi militaries and ministry departments.

Support of Military Engine Customers

Caterpillar has manufactured well over 2-million diesel engines since 1931. Cat engines provide prime power to remote installations worldwide, propulsion for military vessels as well as engine power for tactical and support vehicles. Cat engines, which can be adapted to Department of Defense specifications, have been built to meet or exceed today's toughest military standards.

Electric Power

  • Caterpillar has supplied diesel and natural gas fueled generator sets for
    • emergency standby power
    • temperary prime power
    • remote utility continuous power
    • peak shaving/load managment
    • and military tactical support
  • Diesel generator sets range from 5 ekQ to more than 13,600 ekW.
  • Natural gas generator sets range from 8 ekW to more than 3,500 ekW.

Marine Power

  • Cat diesel engines provide ship propulsion and auxiliary power in rugged, remote duty.
  • Marine propulsion engines range from 46 to 13,600 horsepower
  • Marine generator sets range from 5 to 9,340 ekW.

Vehicle/Industrial Power

Caterpillar constantly strives to improve the horsepower/weight ratio, fuel efficiency and life to overhaul while reducing repair costs. Two examples of innovation in today's Cat engines are Advanced fuel systems with Electric Unit Injectors (EUI) and innovative ACERT™ Technology.

Product Support

Caterpillar has nearly 3,000 Cat distribution centers/dealers worldwide – with approximately three-million pieces of Cat® equipment working around the clock on several continents. Each year, customers order more than 43-million items for use on that equipment. To support this activity, Caterpillar has 22 parts facilities worldwide, and the product support service provides:

  • Flexible maintenance and repair solutions
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Total maintenance and repair contracts
  • Deployment parts and service assistance
  • Service Life Extension Program for machine rebuilds
  • Programs for total maintenance and repair of new Cat engines
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

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