PHILADELPHIA, June 30, 2011

Clear Align Delivers its 100th IR Imaging and Laser Program for Defense Applications

Clear Align announces that it has completed its 100th fully compliant defense program; the company met all quality and delivery objectives on these programs. The milestone, achieved after only eight years of operation, showcases the breadth of capabilities in visible to NIR imaging, infrared imaging and laser systems that Clear Align delivers and the quality and delivery systems that enabled flexible problem solving. These programs have included optical design, electro-optic prototyping, full military qualification, and production for a variety of hardware platforms including gun sight optics, tank vision systems, rotorcraft targeting systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and satellites.

"I want to thank our customers and our team for supporting intricate optical, electrical and mechanical designs on incredible schedules," said Clear Align President and Chief Executive Officer Angelique X. Irvin. "Our customers' most challenging optical engineering and manufacturing problems have been solved in a way that helps serve our nation's warfighter and delivers real-world intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance hardware."

Clear Align's approach allows a customer-focus that facilitates efficient volume manufacturing, up-to-date quality and cost control, and attention to customer relationships. These systems have enabled high growth in employees and revenues while maintaining quality and delivery.

About Clear Align

Clear Align designs, prototypes and manufactures state of the art custom imaging and fiber optic sensing systems for defense and aerospace customers. Clear Align's imaging expertise spans the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR portions of the spectrum, delivering both narrow- and wide-field-of-view systems. Fiber optic sensing expertise includes optical integration for remote and distributed sensing, targeting, high reliability environments such as space flight hardware. Clear Align is an 8(a) certified, SDB, WOSB and SB.

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