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Delivering intelligence solutions to military, federal, security and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


The Datong family of covert intelligence gathering solutions has been designed to deliver reliable, uncompromised intelligence in all operating environments.

Target size
From the smallest packet or mobile phone through to the largest vessel, our covert tracking devices are available in a variety of sizes and are designed for rapid, covert deployment.

Communications infrastructure
The available communications infrastructure will determine your choice of technology. Datong provides solutions that utilise all commonly available satellite and terrestrial communications, as well as highly reliable infrastructure-independent solutions that can be controlled by the end user.

Complexity of operation
Selecting a Datong solution allows you to operate across a wide range of mission types. Our systems can be easily integrated with other command systems or customised for local requirements. Our most simple solution can be deployed and managed by a single operative; our most complex solution has yet to be reached.


Research & Development
We have a team of in-house experts who have been creating best-in-class product solutions for more than 35 years.  Our specialist knowledge of emerging communications technology, integrated systems and enhanced user interfaces is well recognised. This expertise provides our people with unprecedented access to the leading agencies in order to keep our products in the front line.

Our clients work in harsh arenas from the Arctic to the tropics and from urban heartlands to rugged wilderness so we manufacture our products with this fully in mind. A multi-million pound investment in our specialist electronics manufacturing facility allows us to control every facet of our production cycle and to deliver reliable, robust and long-lasting products.


To maintain the flow of intelligence throughout the life of the system, we provide a range of through-life support services that allow you to maximise your use of the equipment and the efficiency of your personnel.  Our new product developments are designed to provide smooth system upgrades to preserve capability and system knowledge within your agency.

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