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David Brown one of the world's premier integrated engineering companies specialising in power transmission and Gear technologies. David Brown is engaged in a diverse range of industries from Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Rail, Marine and Defence sectors. David Brown with its headquarters in Huddersfield, UK has global coverage that spans eight different countries.

David Brown has 150 years of engineering experience in the design, manufacture and supply of specialised power transmission systems.

Defence and Military

In the arena of armoured warfare, David Brown has been instrumental in developing innovative transmission engineering solutions from armoured fighting vehicles, applications from main battle tanks with Challenger II, through to armoured personnel carriers, light armoured applications and aircraft carriers. The company is internationally recognised as a leader in supplying bespoke gearing and transmission solutions and prides itself on meeting the most demanding military and defence requirements.

The product range includes:

  1. T300 270 bhp Cross Drive Manual Transmission
  2. T303 300 bhp Cross Drive Automatic Transmission
  3. T300PIP 350 bhp Cross Drive Automatic Transmission
  4. TN15D 195 bhp Cross Drive Transmission
  5. TN37 1200 bhp Fully Automatic Transmission
  6. DB-1500 1500 bhp Fully Automatic Transmission
  7. HMPT500-3ECA 600 bhp Fully Automatic Transmission
  8. Final Drives for Tracked Armoured Vehicles
  9. Special Purpose Test Rigs

Tracked Vehicles

David Brown has been an intrinsic player and responsible for numerous developments that have helped to define advances in armoured warfare. The company has developed and supplied the TN-54E transmission for the Challenger 2 MBT to deliver new levels of reliability and performance as well as manufacturing under license, the HMPT500 Hydro Mechanical Transmission for NATO's Multiple Launch Rocket System.

The product range encompasses manual and automatic steer and brake systems up to 1500 hp, final drives, ammunition autoloaders and air turbine pump drives for missile launchers.

Wheeled Armoured Vehicles

David Brown produces bespoke and configured drive-lines, final drives, transfer boxes and gearboxes for wheeled armoured vehicles, these products are designed specifically for defence applications. For example David Brown supplied solutions for the MRAV Multi Role Armoured Vehicle, a 30 tonne 8 wheel armoured car under development for UK, Germany and the Netherlands. David Brown built an angle gearbox connecting through 90º of the engine and laterally mounted the transmission thereby offering the best technical solution

Marine and Naval Defence Industry

Whether on surface or below water, David Brown has over 80 years of experience in Naval propulsion and or supplying marine transmissions. The challenging nature of the Marine and Naval Defence Industry commands that power should be available on demand, this is imperative for turbine-driven marine propulsion systems. David Brown has built a reputation that has the expertise, experience and corporate strength to deliver innovative and durable gearbox solutions.

David Brown has proven designs for high end naval marine drives and its specialist skills really kick in at 1MW and above, low vibration combined input, split output drives or for extremely low noise and smooth operation,

Typical applications include:

  1. Fast patrol boats, corvettes and surface combatants
  2. Frigates and destroyers
  3. Multi-role ships including aircraft carriers
  4. Submarines
  5. Fast mono-hull and multi-hull vessels for shallow water applications
  6. LNG carriers
  7. Solutions tailored for Naval and Commercial Marine Applications

Marine Transmissions and Applications

David Brown offers bespoke marine transmissions systems. The company has the design and manufacturing capabilities and the resources to develop advanced gearing solutions.

David Brown gearboxes drive frigates & destroyers across the world, including every British naval frigate & destroyer – demanding applications with no room for failure, the main gearing for the British Navy's aircraft carriers is driven by David Brown technology. The world's leading nuclear powered attack submarines are dependent on David Brown gearboxes both for silent primary transmission and also for the highly specialist application of transmitting the power for their weapons discharge system.

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