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Finmeccanica S.p.A. is an Italian conglomerate and is the second largest hi-tech industrial group based in Italy. The company works in the fields of defence, aerospace, security, automation, transport and energy. The company is partially owned by the Italian government, which holds about 30% of Finmeccanica's shares.

Finmeccanica ranks among the top ten global players in aerospace and defence and Europe’s leading defence systems company. The Group focuses heavily on three strategic pillars: helicopters, defence and security electronics and aeronautics, which generate 70% of revenues and account for 73% of the workforce.

Products and Services


Finmeccanica manufactures state of the art complete tactical airlifters, combat aircraft and unmanned air vehicles for both civil and military applications. The Group produces training aircraft this business unit also includes aircraft modifications and overhaul on behalf of the world's largest manufacturers.


Finmeccanica is the world leader in the helicopter market, in the design and development of helicopters and tiltrotors for civil and military use. It operates in this field through its subsidiary company AgustaWestland. This subsidiary boasts the technology required to undertake every phase of a helicopter design and development through to production.

Defence and Security Electronics

Within this division, Finmeccanica operates through its companies SELEX Galileo, SELEX Communications, and SELEX Sistemi Integrati. These three companies are active respectively in integrated mission systems, protection systems, avionics and sensors for air, land and sea applications, military & secure communications, large systems for homeland protection, defence systems, air, airport & coastal traffic management. The grouping also includes Elsag Datamat, which designs and produces systems and solutions for automation, security, transports, defence, space and Information Technology, and SELEX Service Management, a supplier of integrated communications services for military and civil security.

Defence Systems

Finmeccanica is a recognized technology leader in the design, development and production of missile systems, torpedoes, naval artillery and armoured vehicles.

Finmeccanica is active in the field both through the MBDA joint venture, the major European missile systems company, and its wholly owned subsidiaries Oto Melara and WASS, each of which is a leader in its field.


Finmeccanica offers a complete range of platforms, equipment and devices, large systems and through-life solutions that enable it to meet the most varied demands of the defence and security market, in Italy and worldwide. The defence and security electronics produced by Group companies can equip any type of platform and network equipment and systems: production includes

  • Radar, sensors, mission avionics systems
  • IT systems
  • Communications, command and control systems.
  • Homeland security,
  • Defence and aerial surveillance
  • Air traffic control and management
  • Space services and infrastructure,
  • Raining and logistics
  • Network centric warfare
  • Protection of borders and critical infrastructure
  • Naval and maritime protection,
  • Land defence

Global Presence

Headquartered in Italy, Finmeccanica has permanent bases with production assets Europe: Italy (with a staff of approximately 43,000), the UK (with a staff of 10,000) and the US (with a staff of more than 12,000); it also has a significant presence in France (with 3,700 employees), in Germany (approximately 1,000) and in Poland (around 4,000), and has established a growing network of partnerships in emerging countries worldwide.

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