Hamilton Sundstrand

Hamilton Sundstrand a subsidiary of United Technologies is a global corporation and its Aerospace business unit provides highly reliable, innovative advanced integrated solutions to a broad range of military, government and industry customers.

The corporation is aligned into 4 key business units: Homeland Security Systems, Land Systems, Sea Systems and Space Systems.

Homeland Security Systems

Homeland Security Systems supports the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the Chemical and Biological Countermeasures arena. Innovative technologies include Chemical and Biological Detection solutions and a prototype multi-vehicle mobile chemical detection laboratory which enables chemical warfare agent and toxic industrial chemical analysis.

Land Systems

The land systems business is leveraging technologies developed for NASA to provide fresh solutions for military applications. Water generation on the battlefield is one of the biggest logistics burdens facing Army commanders. Hamilton Sundstrand has developed innovative terrestrial systems to produce potable water from the exhaust of diesel-powered vehicles and from atmospheric air. As designed, these systems have a broad range of applicability for military uses where potable water is unavailable.

Building on its 40 year space heritage, the company has been developing thermal management and power generation technologies such as their solar receiver and molten salt thermal storage systems.

Sea Systems

Sea Systems has been developing complete system designs and its undersea life support hardware on all classes of submarines for the US Navy and various classes in the international navies. Sea Systems also provide electrolytic chlorine generation systems to eliminate bio-fouling in sea water systems. Sea Systems has extensive experience in undersea propulsion and weapon attitude control on platforms such as the US Mark 48 torpedo. The sea Submarine Systems includes the Central Atmosphere Monitoring Systems (CAMS) that monitors atmospheric constituents on all US Navy submarines.

Future novel approaches are continually being identified that will enable 'more-electric' platforms with modular system solutions to dramatically improve reliability and reduce the Navy's acquisition and day to day operational costs.

Space Systems

Space Systems has more than 40 years of space heritage and has been a part of every major space program since the 1960s. Enabling human space exploration has been the company’s core focus since the Apollo era in the 1960s. These unique human space flight technical and systems engineering skills continue to be developed, as the company incorporates emerging new technologies in the next generation of NASA’s space vehicles, space suits, launch systems, surface habitats, in-situ resource utilization, and human/robotic systems integration. The company’s Extravehicular Activity (EVA) enable astronauts to efficiently assemble International Space Stations.

Missile & Launch Vehicle Systems provides solutions for demanding Aerospace applications including: Missiles, Missile Defense, Launch Vehicles, and Unmanned Air Systems.

Satellite Systems specializes in Propellant Storage and Management Assemblies, Sensing Systems, Fluid Handling Systems, Energy Storage and Conversion, and Thermal Control Systems. Hamilton Sundstrand Satellite Systems integrates the extensive flight hardware experience of the heritage businesses of Keystone Engineering, Rocketdyne, and Orbital.

Customer Base

Includes NASA, commercial airlines, and the US military. Hamilton Sundstrand is the prime contractor for NASA's space suit/life support system and produces environmental control, life support, mechanical systems and thermal control systems for international space program.

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