HALIFAX, June 20, 2016

IMP Aerospace Delivers Final P-3C Orion Aircraft with New Wings to the Royal Norwegian Air Force

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IMP Aerospace announced the delivery today of the final re-winged P-3 Orion aircraft to the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF), marking the successful completion of this multi-year program. These aircraft are very similar to the Canadian CP140 Aurora aircraft, which are also receiving new wings, as well as mission system upgrades as part of a mid-life upgrade being undertaken at IMP Aerospace under a separate contract.

The wing replacement is part of the Aircraft Service Life Extension Program (ASLEP), which also includes the replacement of the center wing lower surface and horizontal stabilizer. Under this program, all life limiting components are replaced with new materials incorporating advanced alloys, yielding  a five-fold increase in corrosion resistance and resulting in a significant reduction in future maintenance and operating costs.  

The ASLEP(N) contract was awarded to IMP in February 2008, to refit the entire RNoAF fleet of six P-3 Orion aircraft.  The contract was administered through the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), making this a government-to-government arrangement.

David Gossen, IMP Aerospace & Defence President, stated, "We are very pleased to successfully complete this complex modification program on the RNoAF P-3 Orion fleet.  During the course of this multi-year program, we have continued to strengthen our long-standing relationship with the RNoAF as their provider of in-depth maintenance and engineering services.  This work, in parallel with a similar program we are conducting for the Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora fleet, has helped provide us with international recognition as a world-class organization for completing aircraft life extensions and mission modifications. Our company has made a significant investment in this program, including the construction of a purpose-built hangar and specialized tooling. In addition, thousands of hours of hands-on experience and the development of hundreds of engineered solutions serve to assure potential clients of our capabilities and competencies in conducting major upgrade programs, opening the door for new export opportunities."

Lockheed Martin assembled the replacement wings and other components—some of which were fabricated in Canada—for the Norwegian P-3s at its facility in Marietta, Georgia, USA. The completed assemblies were then shipped to IMP for installation on the aircraft.

"Norway was the launch customer for the P-3 Mid-Life Upgrade program eight years ago," said Mark Jarvis, Lockheed Martin Director, Maritime Mission Programs. "Through the collective efforts of everyone on this government-contractor team, we've enabled Norway to retain and extend the capability of its Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces for years to come. This completion of the Norwegian P-3 fleet marks an important milestone."

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