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Various Land Rover models have been used in a military capacity, most notably by the British army throughout the world. Due to the demands of modern warfare - combat vehicles today are generally required to carry more than army personnel – the requirements of the military include the safe transport of equipment in the form of weaponry, communications equipment and armour.

With over 60 years' experience, Land Rover provides armed forces around the globe with light 4x4 vehicles designed to meet a wide range of defence and peacekeeping roles. Based on the proven Defender platform, several configurations are available across three wheelbases to suit a variety of roles. The current generation of military Land Rover vehicles, have been upgraded and engineered with strengthened chassis and suspension systems compared to civilian-specification vehicles. Land Rover Defence Vehicles have seen service with forces around the globe and are the answer to almost any military requirement, including bespoke one-off solutions.

Today’s Defender vehicle is a rugged tough, flexible platform offered in three wheelbase lengths and in a variety of body styles. The robust ladder frame steel chassis and a light but strong body which has almost aircraft-quality aluminium provides a high payload capability with low centre of gravity and a reduction in weight. The long-travel coil springs suspension and live beam axles maximise off-road traction, axel articulation and comfort over varied terrain. Today’s Defender is suitable for adaptation to specialist roles including reconnaissance, ballistic protection, weapons platforms, ambulances and command and control.

Land Rover’s range of enhancements include:

  1. New 2.4 litre common-rail diesel engine (90 kW, 360 Nm)
  2. New and superior 6-speed manual transmission
  3. Driveline improvements
  4. Advanced Chassis/Suspension/Steering Systems
  5. New Fascia
  6. State of the Art Heating and Ventilation System
  7. Improved Interior ergonomics

Defender General Service VehicleDefender General Service Vehicle

The Defender 110 GS 12v Military Vehicle forms the basis of the Defender military offering. It is available in Soft Top, Hard Top and Station Wagon form in Matt Sand, NATO Green or Gelb Olive and has, as standard, a range of military features.

Defender Fitted for Radio VehicleDefender Fitted For Radio vehicle

Building on the standard military features of the GS (Defender General Service vehicle), the Defender 110 12/24v FFR is the ideal platform for the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4i) role.

Defender Rapid Deployment vehicle Defender Rapid Deployment vehicle

(Defender Fitted For Radio vehicle), the RDV is a tough, flexible and exceptionally mobile equipment and weapons platform, specifically designed to meet the increasingly important border patrol, reconnaissance, peacekeeping support, humanitarian and refugee protection operations that face the world's defence forces.

Defender Pick UpDefender Pick Up

The Single Cab version of the Defender range is available in 90 and 110 wheelbases. With a maximum payload of 1,529kg*, Defender’s brilliant simplicity and strength delivers great durability.

Defender 110 Pick UpDefender 110 Pick Up offers the versatility of a large load space area with a length of 1,740mm (1,901mm when spare wheel is removed) and 864mm wide drop down tailgate to enable bulky cargo to be loaded easily.

Defender Hard Top

Defender Hard TopA true workhorse, Defender Hard Top provides enhanced security and protection for your load and equipment. With a maximum payload of up to 1,494kg*, Defender Hard Top offers protection with a full rear body and side opening rear end door. Three body styles are available including plain sides, fixed side windows and sliding side windows and, for extra security, cargo barriers, bulkheads and mesh screens are available. There are an almost infinite variety of additional specifications, features and adaptations available, including 90 and 110 wheelbase options.

Defender Military Ambulances

The Defender ambulance variant enables paramedics and first-aid responders to rapidly reach and extract a casualty in even the most hostile terrain. The Defender's agility and off-road performance makes it the ideal ambulance for mountain rescue, battlefield casualty evacuation and disaster relief roles. The Defender Ambulance comes fitted with a full range of medical emergency equipment.

Land Rover Armoured Vehicles

The discretely armoured and independently Qinetiq certified Range Rover and Discovery Armoured models offer full B6 level ballistic protection in a stylish package barely distinguishable from its un-armoured bretheren.

Features include:

  1. Available in both left-hand and right-hand drive
  2. Compliant with B6 ballistic level of protection
  3. Side blast and under floor grenade protection
  4. Independent ballistic and blast certification
  5. Uprated suspension, handling and braking system
  6. Wheels fitted with run-flat tyre system
  7. A comprehensive range of optional protection features

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