Military Packaging Solutions for Durable Protection in all Types of Weather

You need to transport delicate military equipment or need an ultimate solution to package and secure your valuable instruments, electronics and electrical parts?

Your transportation and storage container needs to be reusable, ruggedized, airtight, watertight and compliant with many military and federal standards?

Your packaging shall be capable of withstanding long-term exposure to a very high temperature range and withstand deterioration by sand, dust, dirt, humidity, hydraulic fluids and petroleum products to which a military container may normally be subjected?

You require a 19” rack-mounted transport case individually fine-tuned to meet your specific needs?

You expect a broad range of standard options allowing you to adapt the container to a wide variety of transit applications?

You would like to have all from one hand: design, engineering, tooling up, prototyping and manufacture?

Whatever your military shipping, handling and storage needs may be,

MAIBACH Industrie-Plastic GmbH always understands to provide the exceptional protection against the effects from direct exposure to extremes of climate and terrain.

For about 30 years, the German company MAIBACH Industrie-Plastic  GmbH  has developed, manufactured and distributed reusable packaging, designed for the toughest applications by land, sea and in the air.

The company developed an in-depth expertise in design and development:

Transportation and Storage Containers (in short TSCs) made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic

These containers are designed for maximum protection of sensitive equipment with minmum weight and longest lifecycle.

They are water-vapor proof, pressure-tight impact-proof and virtually indestructible in accordance with the requirements of the German military specification VG 95 613 and comply with the CAT 1 specifications for 100 trip applications.

All containers are outfitted with a host of standard features and are suitable for versatile application under extreme climatic conditions according to STANAG 4280 in an ambient temperature of +71°C to -51°C.

40 standard sizes are available in stock, all integrally colored in NATO olive drab RAL 6031 or any other color.

Large-Sized Heavy-Duty Containers

They are built from glass-fiber reinforced plastic and designed in a modular sandwich construction, combat tested by armed forces  and approved in compliance with STANAG 4340 .

Each and every of these containers has been climatically and physically tested in on-site testing chambers and external simulation laboratories to withstand the stresses often incurred during air and ground transport, including drops, impacts, vibration, rough handling and the elements. This way we get the proof, that they are suitable for long-term storage purposes and capable of protecting material from the effects of direct exposure to extremes of climate, terrain, operation and transportation.

From storing large modules and engines to transporting complex weapon systems, these containers determine the supply items’ safety and integrity.

Lightweight Containers

Transportable solid containers, applied as tactical containers for the manual transport in the field and deployment in the most severe climatic environments. Sandwich constructed material provides highstrength while being lightweight. All functional items like handles, closurefasteners, valves and eyes are recessed in the container structure. This feature means your hardware is fully protected from damage and your storage space is maximized.

Bespoken absorbing systems within the containers

MAIBACH offers customized retaining systems for the protection of all kinds of equipment and instruments – for small electronic devices to large military applications: Choose from cushioning made from closed-cell polyethylene foam or other cushioning materials exhibiting excellent dampering properties or select support fixtures with rubber shock mounts or wire rope isolators.

Our experienced engineering and design team is always accustomed to finding the best solution for your individual packaging needs.

Quality Standards

MAIBACH is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and our products are listed with NATO stock numbers for government procurement.

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