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Mercedes BenzIn today’s asymmetric warfare, armed forces need to be able to confront varying challenges and scenarios as and when they occur. Modern military assignments require the technological advances of commercial vehicles which feature customized solutions that fulfills a wide range of functions including; optimised manoeuvrability on different terrains and vehicle survivability under ambush.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with payloads between 0.5 and 110 tonnes, Mercedes-Benz offers the most extensive range of vehicles for meeting many different military logistical and tactical requirements. Mercedes-Benz has a comprehensive range of all-wheel-drive vehicles that extends from SUVs, vans, and partially militarised versions of civilian vehicles.

Mercedes benz Military Range

Mercedes BenzArmed Forces throughout the world focus increasingly more and more on the operating costs which represent a significant part of any vehicle’s life cycle costs. Mercedes-Benz build supportability into their vehicles from concept to roll out the outcome is a vehicle that delivers full military capability at maximum cost efficiency.


In June 2010 Mercedes-Benz launched four new, heavily armoured models - all of the vehicles are geared toward modern wars, and the need for nimble all-terrain vehicles rather than tanks:

Actros 4151 AK The Actros 4151 AK, is an eight-wheeled, all-wheel drive "protection class" transport that offers high grade armor against artillery and land mines. This vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level 4 protection against ballistics, which means enough armor to stop a 155mm explosive shell at 30 meters; and SATNAG 4569 level 4b protection against land mines.

FGA 14.5 ChassisThe FGA 14.5 chassis, is the latest and most high-performance platform for protected command and special-purpose vehicles. The FGA 14.5 special chassis from Mercedes-Benz provides manufacturers of military and civilian vehicles with a reconfigured platform based on that of the proven Unimog concept.

LAPV 6.XThe third new innovation — the LAPV 6.X concept vehicle — will augment the very mobile LAPV 5.4 light armoured patrol vehicles from the G-Class. The LAPV 6.X concept vehicle will improve on the LAPV 5.4 modular in the areas of protection (Level 3), off road capability, and, above all, agility. In doing so, it will make maximum use of the G-Class modular system.

The fourth world-class innovation is the 7.X concept vehicle, which combines the properties of two different Mercedes-Benz model series. As is the case with the two lighter LAPVs, the vehicle’s engine/transmission and cockpit are taken from the G-Class, while the frame and the axles are from the Unimog range. Because the larger vehicle, the LAPV 7.X, uses components from the Unimog modular system, it opens up an entirely new dimension of all-terrain capability for a patrol vehicle.Unimog

The well known Unimog excels in all sorts of terrain. Whether on or off-road, Unimog gets personnel and material to where they are needed. Unimogs master gradients of up to 100% for 45° climbing capability. The Unimog is available with a variety of state-of-the-art armouring solutions to protect the crew.

The ZetrosThe Zetros is the perfect armoured transport solution for payloads from 4.0–10.0 t. It is not only extremely mobile and designed for high payloads, but is also fully compatible with Hercules C 130 transport or GIC International Loading Gauge parameters. A result of the vehicle’s low height, which also facilitates quick and safe boarding for the crew. The forward-tilting hood gives quick access to engine and auxiliaries in case of all kind of maintenance and failure.

Mercedes-Benz Cross Country Vehicle

G-Wagon models offer two wheelbases and payload capacities from 0.7t up to 2t. The off-road capability is supported by an automatic transmission and a two-shaft transfer case plus 100% locking differentials on both axles. The G-wagon is also available in different armoured versions, which ensure a protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 2 / 2b.

Mercedes-Benz Military Van Range

The Vito is available with a payload capacity up to 1.1t and is powered by two engines producing 80kW (109hp) 290Nm and 110kW (150hp) 330Nm.

Sprinter models have a payload capacity from 1t to 2.7t and are powered by three engines producing 80kW (102hp) 109Nm to 135kW (184hp) 400Nm.

The Vario 4x4 boasts a climbing ability of up to 73% and an outstanding payload capacity from 2.5t to 4.2t when considering its GVW of 7.5t. The power comes from three engines producing 95kW (129hp) 520Nm to 130kW (177hp) 675Nm.

Mercedes-Benz Military Truck Range

Atego - the lightweight, medium truck range which can move 3t to 5t payloads effortlessly. In civilian short and middle distance transport the Atego has proven itself in many markets. The Atego’s key logistical features are its manoeuvrability and its environmentally-friendly economy. The Atego is also available as a two-axle, all-wheel-drive truck.

Axor - the semi-heavy-duty truck range which transport 5t to 7t payloads. Located between the manoeuvrable Atego and the heavy-duty Actros, the Axor stands out as a specialist in middle-distance and heavy-duty short-radius distribution and off-road operations. It forms the link between Atego and Actros.

Actros - the heavy-duty truck range with a GVW up to 41t, is already well established in the civilian market and offers several axle variations. The actors is available with a range of powerful V6 and V8 engines, which offer various output versions from 235 kW (320 hp) up to 375 kW (510 hp) with maximum torque of 2400 Nm.

Mercedes-Benz Extreme Off-Roader

The Unimog, with its unsurpassed off-road capability, offers different model variations with payloads from 1.5t to 7t., well known all over the world – 150.000 sold units to over 80 armies worldwide.

The Zetros - the medium and heavy-duty truck range with a GVW up to 27t, offer two axle variations and is also available in an unprotected version. Its payload capacities range from 4t up to 10t.

Mercedes-Benz Features & Capabilities:

  • World’s Leading Truck Manufacturer
  • Full-line military vehicle programme (0.5t and 100t military payload) for a broad range of missions
  • All-wheel-drive, differential locks and high-torque engines for extreme conditions and terrains
  • Advanced vehicle technologies (focusing on lifecycle costs)
  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
  • Established Supplier to Armed Forces Worldwide
  • Worldwide logistic field service experience
  • Financial services (financing, leasing, fleet management and more)
  • Financially Strong & Reliable Partner

Mercedes-Benz International Military Customer Base include:

  • Argentine Army
  • Canadian Army G-Wagens
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Austrian Army
  • Canadian Army
  • Croatian Army
  • The Danish Military
  • The Estonian Defence Forces
  • The Finnish Army
  • The French Army
  • The German Armed Forces
  • The British Army
  • The Swiss Army
  • The Swedish Army
  • The Norwegian Army
  • The Dutch Army
  • Mexican Marine Corps

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