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MS InstrumentsMS Instruments PLC are leading innovators in the design and manufacture of Ballistic Measurement Instrumentation and Live-Fire Training systems for both Ground and Air training. Our Ballistic Instrumentation is rugged and well built for both indoor and outdoor use and is known for its accuracy and reliability. Our Optical and Acoustic Detectors can be used to measure velocity of both super and subsonic projectiles for small, medium and large calibre, some of which can measure to an accuracy of ±1mm. We design entire ranges for weapon, ammunition and material testing including the range processors and analysis software. Working with our Ballistic Test Range in the UK, MS Instruments can either test your products for you or provide you with the equipment to test it yourself. We can provide the training both in the UK and overseas as we have worldwide support from in country representatives and engineers well trained on our equipment. This enables us to deal quickly and efficiently with any queries or upgrades, which also reduces your cost.

MS Instruments have used their knowledge in ballistic instrumentation to design and manufacture Live-Fire Training systems. The targets use acoustic technology providing highly accurate training equipment. The targets are rugged and portable meaning they can be used inside and out and are extremely versatile in that they can be fixed to moving rails for advanced training. For ground training for the Police and Armed Forces, these target systems provide a real-life environment with tailor-made training sequences all controlled by one remote computer. The acoustic target technology means that the target area is significantly larger than the physical target being aimed at. The results are instantaneous and show not only hits but also missed shots for better analysis. These shots can be displayed on both the central range computer and also at the firing point.

The strafing training equipment for the Air Force works in a similar way with acoustic target technology and instantaneous results. Both this and the ground targets are completely automatic. The bomb scoring is semi-automatic using two sighting quadrants to get the co-ordinate before the result is recorded.

MS Instruments also have moved into developing a Flight Follower to track a projectile in flight used for product development and to reduce the time and expense of costly trials. Our expertise in ballistic testing has also brought us to the attention of close protection services for which we designed a Covert Vehicle Protection System called NIMBUS. It is Non-Lethal and deployed from within the car. Using Smoke, Sound and Air Burst pyrotechnics, the system wards off attackers and enables the victims of an attack to regain the initiative or escape while reducing the risk of being hit.  It is easily fitted to any car and simple to use. The system has no effect on the working function of the car and yet could be the difference between bullets penetrating and the victim escaping.

MS Instruments are also part of and chair the Ballistic ToolKit which is a group of 40 companies all specialising in ballistic products, we can provide complete ballistic solutions with the co-operation of these companies and their resources, MS Instruments presents the capabilities of a large company with the personal detail only a small company can offer.

MS Instruments can provide the entire solution for ballistic testing and training and have already fitted ranges worldwide. Our equipment is long-lasting and consistently supported and developed so that your equipment is tested and training using our targets is of the highest standard.

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