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Newcon Optik is in the business of supplying of specialty optics. With expertise of over 15 years the company covers a wide range of accomplishments in development, production, and export of electro-optical systems throughout the world. Their night vision devices, laser-based multi-functional measuring instruments, and image stabilizing equipment are used on the ground and at sea, as well as by the helicopter pilots. Furthermore the company has seen success and efficient use of their products in a number of applications including:

  1. Civil defense
  2. Peace-keeping
  3. Antiterrorist
  4. Counter-insurgency operations
  5. Paramilitary and law enforcement
  6. Internal state security
  7. Border control
  8. Emergency preparedness
  9. Industrial site security

In order to meet the exacting specifications of military and tactical requirements and to ensure that state-of-the-art, world class equipment is available to the governments and security interests of the region, Newcon Optik has invested heavily in R&D and resources to upgrade their tactical systems and to achieve and maintain excellence.

Newcon-Optik has built its product line and core operations on its own unique high performance technology, including its own image intensifier tubes and laser-range technology. This constitutes the basis for its cost-effective, high quality production and post-sales service excellence.

The image intensifier tubes are internationally interchangeable and can efficiently be used as replacements for older failed tubes in many brands that are in current service in many countries. In most cases, this offers a true upgrade to the night vision equipment with no need to purchase expensive new body housing or other expensive retro-fitting.

Newcon Optik is ISO 9001:2008 certified, compliant with NATO, CAGE and CCR requirements and a recognized member of the Canadian Defence Industry Association membership.

Laser Range Finders

The rangefinder models have proven their value and functionality to military users. The range of products covers the whole niche offering devices with rated distances from 1200 meters up to 25 kilometres. Sophisticated high-end models measure distance, speed, height, elevation, and azimuth angles and can export this data to a computer.


Newcon Optik Rangefinder Monoculars models comprise of high customer value in a portable case. The Rangefinder Monoculars are "champions" among other competing models providing long observation range (up to 3.5 kilometres), computer output, optional speed and angles detection.


Laser Rangefinder Binoculars are efficient devices combining features of high quality binocular with distance measuring functions. Advanced rangefinders can perform other operations like angles, height and horizontal path measurements, and / or computer and GPS data sharing.

Now the technologies, which Newcon Optik implements in its laser rangefinders, are available for integrators. Laser range finding modules allow R&D teams to add distance measuring features into their designs. Such ability is beneficial for manufacturers of thermal imagers, robots and self-moving mechanisms, automatic digital cameras, automatic traffic controllers and many similar appliances. The modules are based on our latest solutions, which we deploy into rangefinder production.

Night Vision Equipment

Newcon Optik offers a full variety of tested military specs devices for battle, surveillance and warfare observation assignments. The night vision equipment has additional applications, including: Military applications; Mariners; Police; Search and rescue

Night Vision Monocular

Night Vision Monocular is a compact device designed for observation and terrain orientation in darkness. The maximum recognition distance of the device depends on its characteristics and amount of ambient light that the device can gather and amplify.

Night Vision Binoculars

Night Vision Binoculars are designed for those users who are ready to sacrifice weight, dimensions, and price in favour of quality of observation. Normally we use both eyes in a daytime. Why should we turn into one-eyed Cyclops watching around through a Night Vision Monocular? Binoculars are more natural and meet better customers’ appreciation,

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles leave your hands free allowing you to act at night almost as freely and naturally as you do in daylight. This is particularly essential for military, hunters, aviators, and many others whose professional duties or vocational passions require active nightlife.

Night Vision Riflescopes

Night Vision Riflescopes are made specifically for night operations. These state of the art optical devices allow you to shoot precisely in darkness as if it is daytime. As regular daytime scopes, Night Vision Riflescopes have windage and elevation adjustments and need the same adjusting procedures. Newcon Optik supplies Night Vision Riflescopes with all types of weapon mounts. We also supply night vision attachments that turn sniper daytime scope into fully functional night vision scope without need for re-zeroing.

Laser Aimers

Very narrow infrared beam emitted by the Aimer can be adjusted parallel to the shooting axis. Small visible or invisible (infrared) dot on a target indicates the point where the bullet hits the target. Small weight and size of the Aimer makes it very popular among shooters. Infrared Aimers combined with Night Vision Goggles allow you to stay invisible for possible enemy in the night.

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