Augusta Systems Awarded Navy Contract to Converge Data from Unmanned Vehicles, Sensors

Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier Serves as Platform for Intelligent Military Network

MORGANTOWN, W.Va., Oct. 26

Augusta Systems, Inc., a provider of technologies that power the intelligent convergence of devices, systems and networks, has been awarded a $1.4 million contract from the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for the continued testing and enhancement of a distributed, intelligent network of unmanned vehicles, unattended ground sensors, video cameras and other devices. The intelligent network is built upon Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier technologies.

"Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier creates platforms for real-time, distributed, intelligent functions and robust autonomous vehicle operations," said Patrick Esposito, president and chief executive officer of Augusta Systems. "This contract will enable the continued integration of diverse unmanned vehicles, sensors and other capabilities into an intelligent network for enhanced naval operations."

EdgeFrontier products enable integration and normalization of data, events and control functions from diverse systems, as well as event processing and event and policy-based actions through a policy engine. For the NAVAIR effort, EdgeFrontier has been used to create:

  • A network-based payload system utilized for data processing and control of sensors and cameras placed on-board small unmanned aircraft systems and inside unmanned ground vehicles. The payload system serves as a platform for hosting of swarming algorithms, which are required to support collaborative control capabilities, and supports connectivity of the unmanned vehicles as a network-based system.
  • Rugged, field-deployable intelligent network appliances used to support interoperability between and among unattended ground sensors, ground-based radar systems and video cameras, other surveillance assets and the intelligent unmanned vehicle network.
  • An operator system interface, featuring a map-based display and relying on third-party geospatial software, for streamlined situational awareness with real-time command and control of multiple unmanned vehicles and other surveillance assets through a single user interface.

Under the scope of the new contract, Augusta Systems will integrate additional systems and algorithms into the network in order to enhance collaborative capabilities among the unmanned vehicles and other devices.

"This project supports interoperability, network-centric operations and enhanced unmanned systems," Esposito said. "We're pleased that EdgeFrontier continues to create a foundation for these important new capabilities."

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