The Polish Przemyslow Instytut Automatki Pomiarow (PIAP) is the centre for robotic research and development and a leading Robotics inventor for military applications. The company is based in Poland and is in the business of providing robot solutions that minimise the threat from unexploded bombs which, is still present today from improvised explosive devices (IED).

Additional threats can range from small time delay devices through to large vehicle borne bombs (LVBIEDs). Some IEDs have technically sophisticated command detonation systems such as radio-controlled devices (RCIEDs).

To minimise the overriding danger to the bomb squad whose task is to deactivate the device safely, it is common to use technical equipment to render the device safe before the bomb technician approaches it to verify that it poses no further danger.

The choice of technical equipment varies from electronic counter-measures to disrupters that fire water at the device. Robotic inventions designed and produced by PIAP have been proven to meet the specific needs of the military and armed forces such as:

  1. Observations and reconnaissance
  2. Convoy
  3. Equipment transportation
  4. Casualty Evacuation
  5. Anti-explosive ordnance work

PIAP’s iNspector Robot

PIAP’s iNspector is a tracked robot with a large manipulator arm. The front caterpillar system allows the iNspector to negotiate stairs or highly uneven terrain and helps offset the recoil from firing non-lethal “pyrotechnical disruptors”. The arm is able to lift 30 kilograms fully extended or folded. The arm is equipped with position sensors, gripping force sensors, sockets for “whiskers” to help estimate distances and is equipped with an omni-directional microphone.

The arm is flexible enough to enable precision handling of hazardous materials or dangerous devices, controlled by an operator at a control station equipped with three LCD monitors, one of which includes a graphic interpretation of the arm’s activities. The iNspector has the endurance to operate for up to seven hours on battery power – additionally the robot can be powered by a cable plugged into a power source.

PIAP’s eXpert

PIAP’s eXpert is a small platform aimed at operations in tight spaces. It has a front caterpillar system enabling it to climb stairs or traverse uneven terrain and stabilizers that give a solid base for sensitive operations. Although it’s smaller, many of its characteristics are similar to those of iNspector, though it has a slightly longer battery life (up to eight hours), the operator’s console has two LCD monitors instead of three and it carries six cameras instead of four. Two of those cameras are placed on the sides of the front caterpillar systems, allowing the inspection of tight spaces such as under seats or below cars.

It also has a self-diagnostic system that constantly checks the health of the vehicle. Suggested military applications include anti-explosive work, inspection and reconnaissance.

PIAP’s Ibis

The PIAP’s Ibis is a wheeled robot aimed squarely at the military use, mainly for anti-explosive missions. The six-wheeled platform uses an independent suspension system with the front wheels mounted to a common axle, which can rotate within a limited range around the longitudinal axis. The remaining wheels are linked in pairs on each side of the robot. The pairs of side wheels can rotate within a limited range around the common crosswise axis.

This architecture gives easy movement on uneven ground, good stability and an ideal distribution of torque to each wheel, because in most cases all wheels remain in contact with the ground.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. The PIAP’s Ibis robot comes equipped with a thermal camera, a manipulator-mounted colour camera and front and rear colour/ infrared cameras.
  2. The Ibis can be used to tow equipment or evacuate casualties.
  3. The ibis can carry a large variety of sensors such as nuclear-biological chemical weapon detectors, pyrotechnical disruptors and reconnaissance equipment.
  4. It can also be armed – options include an M16 rifle and a 40mm grenade launcher

PIAP’s Scout

The PIAP’s Scout is a very small robot, weighing 13 kilograms which can operate within confined spaces underneath vehicles or inside ventilation shafts. Able to be carried within a military backpack, the Scout is equipped with a front and rear camera and a manipulator arm that can carry small loads of two kilograms with the manipulator fully extended or five kilograms folded.

The Scout is excellent for inspection, reconnaissance missions or anti-mine operations.

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