Sepson – World Class Winches

Sepson – World Class Winches

Sepson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic vehicle-mounted winch systems. Starting at the beginning of the last century, Sepson winches began spreading around the world and are now performing heavy duty recovery work reliably under the most severe conditions ranging from tropical heat to arctic cold and everything in between. Sepson winches are in use today on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo trucks, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armored defense systems, off road vehicles, tractors, loaders and earth moving equipment, fire/rescue vehicles, refuse vehicles, high tension wire stringing rigs and many other applications. Sepson winches are designed and built for professional use in the toughest of environments and, for many years, Sepson has been a key supplier of winch systems to commercial vehicle builders and defense forces around the world.

Founded in 1900

The master Smith, Sars Erik Petterson, founded Sepson in 1900 in the middle of SwSepson – World Class Wincheseden to make tools and handling equipment for the surrounding forestry industry, where pulling and lifting are key activities. Due to a centuries old tradition of skilled workmanship, this area in Sweden has become a center of industrial activity. Combining this tradition with high tech applications and responsible care for the environment has become a hallmark of Swedish business. Today, Sepson manufactures a state of the art range of winch systems based on an EN ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Focus on Reliability and Safety

Winches mounted on vehicles often work under tough conditions in extreme environments. The requirements for recovery winches are, therefore, extremely high, both in civilian and military applications. The high reputation built up by Sepson is the result of superb performance in the toughest of these environments and has led the company to become a trusted supplier of world class winch systems for all types of vehicles. Our Swedish company has reached a prominent position in this market and is continually at the forefront of the further development of trustworthy and reliable winch products and systems.

Pioneer in Hydraulic WinchesSepson – World Class Winches

Our winch program consists mainly of planetary gear winches with a pulling force up to 400 kN. (90,000 pounds-force). Many of our products include both an integrated spooling device and constant pull technology. This package has proven itself time and again in the harshest environments, especially to military customers worldwide. Recovery work is tough everywhere but operators deployed in danger zones deal with the extreme stress of time constraints as well as a number of distractions all of which requires speed and almost automatic rope management. Forcematic winches are able to be free spooled for speed but lay the rope automatically on the drum while winching and the constant pull feature negates the need for difficult capacity calculations during the recovery. If the load is pulled on the first layer, it will pull on the last too.

With sealed and grease-filled gearboxes, Sepson winches can be used in tropical and arctic climates as well as desert conditions. As the drum on a Sepson winch completely disengages from the drive chain when in free spool, the result is less work pulling out the rope. The planetary gear sets are highly efficient and permanently lubricated leading to long winch life and trouble free operation. Heat generation is low resulting in a deep duty cycle for long winching operations.

For over 100 years, Sepson’s particularly Swedish attention to quality and detail plus spirit of innovation has produced reliable, uncomplicated vehicle mounted winch systems for use in a global marketplace.

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